Monday, December 19, 2011


It's a time of year when longings and memories and regrets can rear up and sometimes leave a trail of surprise sadness; sometimes a sadness that can't be rightly explained but there it is. I understand that. I'll bet everyone reading this understands too.

Feelings change. Relationships end. Hard winds blow. But after all, the sun always comes out again. It always does. Tonight I'm looking at a simple candle in a dark room. That is how I see hope. Even as it flickers, even unsteadily, the flame slices through the darkness.

So today, as Christmas and the beginning of a new year approaches, please accept the gift of hope. Please feel free to take as much of it as you'd like, because hope is something that multiplies every time it is accepted, and every time it is used. I know this for sure.

Love kj


  1. Yep.
    It's the season.

    A slight yearning perhaps.
    Just under the surface.
    Unknown and unnamed,
    or maybe just unrealized.
    But it's excellent advice you give,for "never losing hope" always is the perfect remedy for whatever ails.

    I loved your previous post, and wonder what the Boys named their Elf on the Shelf. Jack's is David.

  2. What a beautiful gift to give and thank you.

  3. Throughout the year my friend you help keep my well filled with that oft elusive thing called hope. Thank you.

  4. In fact, the sun is always there shining behind the clouds.

    I hope your holiday is filled with hope and love. blessings, suki

  5. Thanks. I needed that. A spark. And that you for the lovely gift you sent. I was so thrilled that I didn't even mind the glitter ;)

    You are sweet and precious. Thank you so much. When I have a mind again, I shall read.

  6. i so completely agree kj. it seems we humans must keep learning this lesson over and over again, because, somehow, we manage to forget.

    sending many blessings to you and your family for a blessed holiday♡

    with love,


  7. Yup. We have been having parallel posts.