Wednesday, June 15, 2011

About Friendship

I changed the wording in this poem tonight. I had written it some time ago, with high hopes that over time deteriorated into one of the lowest periods of my life.

I was able to easily change the wording tonight because to my delighted amazement I have somehow reassembled the loyalty and love that good and true friendship requires. For me, this poem can finally be real again.

I have the most wonderful friends these days. I am so thankful. This didn't happen by accident. I've worked hard to be a loving and loyal friend and when I gave it I got it back.

It's a new day and I'm so glad. I wish everyone can have a friend like this:


I tell you about my bank account
The challenges I mount
My heart’s desires,
My passion and fires
The guy at the bar,
My avatar.
The near accident,
The words I meant.
The way I pace,
An occasional grace
The lights at the park,
My fear of the dark
The reasons I cry.
The times that I try.
My zero fashion
My deepest passion
My life on the lane
The times I’m insane
My college days
The places I’ve played
When I fall down
My sacred ground
Time in the Midwest
Time put to the test
Living abroad
Loving lobster and cod
All that I feel
When I try to be real.
Will you patiently listen
No matter what’s missing?
I could chatter all night
Lost in delight.
Would you just smile and say,
“Gosh--you’ve had quite a day!”


  1. Friendship is a two-way street. One I think you travel on several times a day. I think you should get some kind of 'fast pass', so you don't ever have to pay a toll again. You are a good friend to many, many, kj. Keep it up!! xoxox Pam

  2. lovely poem to friendship. life would be so empty without dear friends to whom we can tell everything and anything and they still love us!

  3. I love what Yoborobo said about the fast pass and not having to pay a toll!!

    I don't know what I'd do without my dear friends.

    Yes, of course you too!


  4. Lovely.....
    And yes, sometimes there should be a big-ass detour sign in the middle of our roads, when we are blindly approaching a life jarring bump.
    (where's the road crew???)
    I think even Emily would clap for this piece of poetry! ;-)


  5. My friends are my family. They are the chosen few. They are the tenacious few. Thick skins and big hearts. There is nothing as precious as loyalty.

  6. Me too . . although I get a bit chatty after a chardonnay or two. You're quite right though. If you can count five close friends, you're a lucky person and they are blessed.

  7. yes i say what pam says, you are a good kind friend kj. i'm glad your poem has hopeful lovely words!

  8. mim, yes....i would too....and i'm glad we do ♥

    pam, awwww. what a metaphor. thank you pam, but no free pass for me. matter of fact, i'm happy to pay the toll. just don't let me choose the wrong person; i think that's the trick

    thank you suki. ♥

    i feel the same way lo xoxo

    anne, okay, i'll officially be on the lookout for big ass detour signs. :^)

    ww, damn straight damn right. i love your comment. thank you ♥

    hells, i think if i stop and count i can count five. ♥

    lori, you are a good kind friend also ♥

  9. friendships are the cornerstone of my life ... they light my life entirely and make everything else worthwhile.

    Would I patiently listen? Nope. I'd ask a zillion questions and interrupt incessantly ... but can I still come over for coffee anyway? xx

  10. you've had quite a day.....and quite a life.

    my favorite lines: all that i feel when i try to be real.

    that says it all. beautiful kj♡

  11. I'll listen, kj. I know you would, as well. You're such a good friend to so many people, no wonder it is reciprocated in kind! xx

  12. Lovely!
    Beautiful post dear!
    Glad to be one of your friends and YES you are a good friend to all of us, to me too.
    I know you are enjoying time with a dear friend right now. Makes me want to be there as well , but it makes me happy you are having a wonderful time together. I still remember how that felt!

    Hugs to everyone down there♥♥♥

  13. Friends keep me sane, on full days and empty ones.

  14. Lovley, KJ! Written by lovely KJ. :)