Friday, May 06, 2011

A Not-So-Secret Garden and More Mish Mash

This is looking into my house just after sunset, on a day--today--I could finally call my own. I did exactly what I felt like. I didn't worry and I avoided chores. Instead, I happily painted the inside of some kitchen cabinets, I planted lettuce, I planted pole beans and dahlias and sunflowers. I weeded, I chatted, I bought marigolds, I ate pizza. In short, I had a great reprieve from a hard couple of weeks.

I know for certain I am not alone in finding the last few weeks difficult. I've been worried about my Mother's health and finances, I've been wrestling with stress, and I haven't had time or fair weather to spend outside. But it was not until my supervisor at work, in telling me about her own challenges, mentioned her theory that spring is hard for most people because we have to push and expose ourselves and break through just like plants do: then I understood that is pretty much what it's felt like for me.

But today: I am grateful and gleeful.

Tomorrow Mr. Ryan and Not-so-Baby Drew will come for the weekend. If it doesn't rain, Mr. Ryan and I will plant his garden in the back yard: two rows of lollipops and one row of jellybeans. I bought these marigolds for him because I think they look like candy too.

This is my own version of candy, in the front yard.

I don't know if it's obvious, but starting to build my garden this season is sheer total ORGASMIC joy for me. I won't plant many vegetables because I'll be in Provincetown a good part of the summer, but I am going to pop in flowers and a few tomato plants where ever there is room. Often I just stand and stare at the garden. That's what I'll do first thing tomorrow morning. I'll go out and relish what I planted today.

Transition: JB may well not approve of my putting this picture of her on my blog. (I'm afraid to ask her). But I think she looks so lovely here, I can't resist.

The coast of Maine.

Aha, this was at a garden center. Take a look: it's dishes and vases and cups piled atop of one another to create a garden sculpture. I'm sharing it because I think the idea is very cool.

My friend Gordon painted this a while back. This is my Mother. It is not finished and he tells me he hasn't gotten the bottom part of her face right yet, but I love that he's painting her.


I wish you a wonderful weekend.

Don't forget to notice.




  1. "I avoided chores. Instead, I happily painted the inside of some kitchen cabinets, I planted lettuce, I planted pole beans and dahlias and sunflowers. I weeded, I chatted, I bought marigolds, I ate pizza. In short, I had a great reprieve from a hard couple of weeks."

    I'm so glad you avoided those pesky chores. We all need to just kick back and take it easy from time to time.

    I don't where your supervisor got that stuff about spring being hard for most people. I would say that it's winter that's hard, and that it's spring that's a reprieve from the hard times--except for those with hay fever, of course.

  2. damn oh damn, where in Maine was I??? I needed to be along the coast getting these shots!

    Look at your mom's portrait. That Gordon. I can't wait to see it finished.

    Ugly (barb) night here. I wish I hadn't missed your call. Will fill you in tomorrow!

    I'm so glad you had such a wonderful, fulfilling day. And yes, JB looks lovely in that photo ;)


  3. Interesting isn't it how a place can be such a physical portrayal of how we are feeling. Your Maine pictures really connected with me. I saw myself from the inside out.

  4. Beautiful mish mash kj, there's so much here to love. I know that feeling of standing in the garden, staring, enjoying...

    I hope you and the boys share a wonderful day tomorrow, planting the candy garden. And I love rumply bed, lovely light photos. And I know I would LOVE Maine. And how lucky to have a portrait painted of your mom.

  5. Aww I'm glad you've managed to grab some 'you' time. I wish I shared your love of gardening, it seems to be so cathartic for you. Love the candy petunias or whatever they are (told you I'm no gardener) and the painting is simply wonderful. Hope next week is a little more stress free for you. MWAH. I'm kinda with Snowbrush. I love Spring, it gives me a reason to spruice up, clean up, tidy up. Things are getting chilly down here! (Oh JB's gorgeous .. I'd almost turn gay for her. . .well if I wasn't mad for a particular Toy Boy)

  6. Everything is so beautiful, kj. and jb looks ok with getting her photo taken! I love the lavender and violet bedding with the butter yellow walls. You are good with colors. Like those candy flowers! I saw your note to Blogger. Do you know that you can keep changing the sidebar color with a matching photo for the header? And the portrait of your Mom. So sweet. She has warm eyes. And the candy cane--always to remember a special holiday with her. You've been busy in a fun way, so that makes me want to roll! Love ☺

  7. so glad you have gotten outside into your garden and that you had a flow day. The painting of yr Mom is a treasure!

  8. your posts always inspire me, and bring me hope and joy. and imagine still having your wonderful mom with you, cherish her each and every day- as I know you do. happy moms day to you all, and yes what a cute photo of jb. mow rest and re-energise!

  9. all looks lovely - including JB. have a lovely weekend!

  10. I think I would just about give my right arm for a day where I could ignore everything and do exactly what I wanted, which--at the moment--would be NOTHING!
    The flowerbed is lovely;I do miss the gardening when I lived in town, with cooperative soil and fewer critters.....I've not had marigolds in years thanks to a chipmunk who feels the need to dig every single one UP.
    Beautiful post; this Spring has been stressful for a lot of us. I am quietly awaiting peace and quiet.... ;-)

    P.S. Tell JB she looks great, therefore, no fuss about the photo!

  11. You are beginning to sound like "YOU" again... that's wonderful! Gordon's painting of your Mum does capture some of her * sparkle *....

    Great shot of JB!

    Ah, I look at the front of your home now - see the beginnings of your garden - and remember how when I was there, everything was carpeted in a blanket of golden leaves! The seasons! Each has its own haunting beauty!

    I know Messrs. Drew and Ryan will love the "lollipop garden"! (As will Emily!)

    Love to all,

    ♥ Robin ♥

  12. Kj, You are right, Spring is hard and also joyous. But then that can be said about everyday and every season :-). Got to focus on the joy part as much as we can.
    Lovely flowers and photo of JB, I hope she does not kill you :-).
    Kisses to your mom.

  13. JB does look lovely.. really!.

  14. Great shot of JB. Hope she wasn't too peeved with you about posting it.

    Weeding and planting - if you didn't like those things you'd consider them chores. Instead, they're joys.

  15. Avoiding chores! A gal after my own heart!! Great post, and I love the idea of planting jelly beans and lollypops.

  16. Loved this post, the 'candy' and the paintin in progress of your mom. I, too, have been out in the garden planting flowers and herbs and spending too much $$ doing it, but it is giving me pleasure to look out on, and well, the basement is almost cleaned up. My therapist asked me if there was something in those last remaining piles that I didn't want to deal with...not really--the 'sad' stuff I've already dealt with. Part of me wonders if I am putting off completing the task in fear that I will fail at what I say I want to do with my free time--exercise, lose weight, go to museums, etc...maybe? But for now, I'll just say that the garden is pulling me away...