Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Death by Jellybeans by Emily V. V. Rabbit

I am innocent! It is not my fault!!!

Mr. Ryan planted his jellybeans last weekend. He poured them into the garden very recklessly, in my opinion and even kj agreed, but he was too excited to care.

Then Mr. Ryan and kj and No Longer Baby Drew and JB went for a walk. When they came back ALL the jellybeans were gone! They disappeared and vanished!

kj thought Mr. Ryan should plant more jellies the next morning so they could watch to see who steals the new jellybeans. But they ended up playing with the water hose (and mud) instead so it was up to me to figure out who would be mean and pushy enough to steal jellybeans from a four year old little boy. Because if you are mean and pushy enough to do that, you will be mean and pushy enough to steal from a sweet innocent little rabbit too.

I am pretty sure I have solved the crime!

There is a lesson about not just stealing but overeating that even I should be aware of. I'm telling you to save you some trouble. There is no charge for the advice.

Sincerely Yours,

Emily Rabbit


  1. Lol. I love jelly beans. Darn. I'll have to cut back!

  2. Emily, are you sure your two friends aren't just members of a religious cult--sun worshippers, maybe?

    Also, Emily, I'll just point out that lizards are just as renowned for their hatred of jelly beans as little rabbits are for their love of them.

  3. I disagree with snow - everyone knows that lizards LOVE jelly beans - they adore them and lizards will steal anything!!!

  4. Oh my Emily.
    There ought to be a poem in here, but those lizards kind of freak me out.
    I think I would rather have death by chocolate, as I cannot resist in that area, and would have to write MYSELF a poem on my own behavior.
    So perhaps we both should just PONDER THIS LESSON in

    P.S. Hide any remaining jelly beans NOW.....

  5. Well. I am going to have to be very careful as to how many of those jelly beans I eat...I never realized! Thank you so much, Emily, for your sage words of advice!

    Did you go on the walk, too?

  6. Wabbits and Lwizards and Jellies - oh my! (Oops, wrong story....a-ha-ha!)

    I know Messr. Wryan will keep a waychful eye on those Lwizards - and...on a certain wily Wabbit!

    When jelly gardens are blooming - you KNOW Spring has arrived!

    Wuv to all,

    ♥ Wrobin ♥

  7. It feels SO GOOD to laugh early in the morning...sets the tone for the entire day. HURRAH!!!

    I adore your brain. (does that mean I'm a tech off too?)



  8. Emily I thought only frogs croaked.
    I guess not!
    Are you sure you didn't bribe those lizards?
    If something is gone in our yard we blame the squirrels, I wish they would croak.

  9. I commented on this days ago - damn blogger!

    And it was clever and well written.

    Xoxo mim

  10. mean mean blogger erased most of my comments, including mim's very clever one. i am sure i had 125 comments and now i only have 3, plus sharon lovejoy told me she loved my brain which i was going to refer to in order to charge kj more for writing my stories here.

    emily rabbit

  11. As soon as I realized what Blogger was up to, I took a little blog vacation so I wouldn't have my comments stolen.

    I can only say I hope I have this sort of peace should dementia take my memories.

  12. No longer baby drew and no longer maggie munchkin should get together some time, I bet they'd have such fun...specially with jelly beans..maybe get married then kj and I would be realted -how fun that would be!...where was I? What I meant to say was:
    ms emily- you are one clever bunny.

  13. That was hilarious! Emily, your life is filled with so many dramatic adventures! Glad you found the culprit! Guess you have to forgive now and give him a proper burial? Love, Auntie Margaret

  14. I'm so glad you passed this information along..oooh but I do love me some jelly beans..does this count for Kit Kats..Lol.
    Big hugs,Cat

  15. Oh Emily!
    It erased mine too, and I can't remember what I wrote! (but I think it had to do with hiding any spare jellybeans FAST....*ahem*....)
    I will be in fine poetic form for your next adventure.
    And hopefully Blogger won't need me to kick it HARD.
    Just sayin'.....


  16. hahaha!! next time help mr. ryan put a lizard cam in the garden to catch the 'culprit' in action!!

    planting jellybeans --- oh god childhood is so precious....


    p.s. blogger erased comments on my blog as well -- argghh