Wednesday, April 20, 2011


We are driving together after an exhausting day and JB and I are not patient. At first we snip a comment or two, and then one of us adds a pinch of sarcasm. It didn't take long after that to begin arguing.

"Dammit JB," I say. "You drive me crazy!"

"So do you," she snaps back.

Then, from nowhere: Sillypants.

We have forgotten that Mr. Ryan age four is in the back seat.

I turn around.

"Ryan, what did you say?"

"Sillypants," he repeats.

And then he says, "That's what you say when people are fighting and then they stop."

"Ryan, who told you that?"

"No one."

"You made it up yourself?"


To recap: two adult woman start bickering and arguing with one another and it's headed nowhere good until a four year old little boy intervenes.


It was the best diffusion he could think of.

It worked so well I am recommending it without reservation.

It could save a person years of counseling.

Try it: Sillypants

See what I mean?



  1. precious. i do love children so much.

  2. I think we all need a Mr. Ryan in our backseats!

    What a wonderful story!

    Children make you land back in reality.

    Hope you are having a good time KJ.
    I am still at my brothers waiting for maybe a call, maybe a flight. But the weather is almost summer like! So in fact I hope they don't call.
    Maybe I can clean my bro's windows or do some art.
    Tonight I promised to make them dinner, so fingers crossed ......

    Hugs for Ryan
    hugs for the 2 of you

  3. Oh Mr. Ryan. What a genius. Such a great story. I esp. love the part that you forgot he was there and then out of the ether comes the voice: sillypants. Hugs to all.

  4. It has to be better than what a 40 year old in the back seat would have said but I doubt that would really work down here in the D. hahahaha

    "Hey M********** gimme a square?"


  5. There would be no need for bomb squads if we used the Ryan approach to diffuse a bad situation.

    Obama could go to war torn countries and say we're not going to interfere except to say "sillypants."

    Hammerhead Lincoln could have walked up to all the slave owners and in a stern voice said "sillypants!"
    The slaves would have all been freed and Hammerhead wouldn't have had to labor over the emancipation proclamation.

    Can you see the endless possibilities for that one word used at the precise right moment?

    I love that kid!


  6. Ryan is a genius. You can tell him I said so. And I'm with Lori. I love kids. Adults, eh. lol! xox Pam

  7. Wisdom comes from little ones; they assess the situation, determine what they think needs to be done and then cut loose and say it!
    Maybe in some ways they are a lot smarter than we *grown-ups* least they don't pull punches! (as I sit here laughing, thinking of hearing someone say that to me!!!)
    Priceless story!


  8. mr ryan is wise beyond his years. we could use some sillypants in world politics.

  9. wow. that's amazing. what an amazing child. i am so glad i had the chance to read this. sillypants. i will remember.
    thank you for posting this
    Danni B

  10. Out of the mouth of babes. I love it... what a perseptive young man.

  11. That Mr Ryan is worth his weight in gold, what a cute cute, no clever clever, no cute and clever thing to say. Don't you just love kids? (silly question).

  12. Amazing child. I like him...I really do

  13. it!Thanks Ryan.Big Hugs,cAT

  14. I have to agree with Marianne. We ALL need a Mr Ryan to remind us of these essentials.

    Happy Easter to you KJ, you and JB. xx Jos

  15. When my ex and I used to argue, one of us would eventually call the other "the big fat one" or "baloneyknocker" (no idea where that one came from) making the other laugh It didn't keep us together for ever, of course, but it sure helped.

  16. Leave it to a child to defuse everything...I think anything that ends in pants makes me smile...a friend calls one of my cats (Brighton) Mr Brighterpants and that always makes me grin