Sunday, April 24, 2011


My blog is bound to have a new appearance. But I wasn't counting on it tonight. If I knew how to change it back, or change it forward, I would. But for now please indulge me while I take a bit of time to figure how to get my sidebar back and my colors back and the layout to my satisfaction. Maybe I'll even hit the template upgrade button. I have very little idea what I'm doing and god bless all of you who try to help me. Just for the record, I may not have computer skills at a very high level but I like people and that gets me far. :^)




  1. Oh..its quite irritating i guess..i can't understand why no sidebar comes..may be you start it new in a different browser..

    did you save your previous template?

  2. shubhajit, i was trying to save my template when poof! i no longer have a design option on my dashboard, just a option to upgrade my template. i couldn't explain what i did and didn't do if i tried. BUT i will figure it out one way or another. nice to hear from you...xo

  3. Maybe it will just fix itself (as noted in your previous post). Sometimes blogger just has little hiccups.

  4. Why, hail Columbia, KJ. No hurry on the part of the Great Sate of Oregon.

  5. There's no better word for this post. It is darn cute!

  6. KJ dear.

    I think that you need some help.

    Perhaps you could give someone else editing privileges and they could help. I would be glad to try and hopefully it wouldn't hurt.

    Are you using an antique computer???

    But, I like the white and might just try it myself.

  7. Sent you an e-mail on this~~
    Everything will be lost and not able to be returned to how it was.
    After church I will send you some links to a site that may help.....
    Hang tight!!!
    (I know how Blogger is a PITA most of the time.....)


  8. frustration and irritation, but all will soon be mended, looking forward to seeing it. Happy Easter to you and JB and everyone you love and who loves you (that will be about a million peeps) xxx

  9. I goofded too at one point when changing my template but finally it got straightened out, I dont even know how. Oh Yes, Kelly sent me some instructions to read and they worked or one of them. Ah well....

  10. uh-oh! YOU tried changing things by yourself?

    Anne will be a big help. Wait for her to come back. She helped me tremendously with the printer issues.

    Meanwhile, Happy Easter PP ;)
    Maybe we'll talk later.


  11. debra kay, this is true :^)

    snowbrush, hello and nice to see you. are you telling me no rush forever? :^)

    thank you lydia ♥

    mim, huffpuff to get to your offer: oh thank you thank you. i sent an email. xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

    anne, oh thank you thank you too. anne, when you mention PITA i just got it, finally! before i thought of peta, the animal protection group. hahaha! i sent you an email too. i am lucky to be surrounded by talented intelligent helpful smarter-than-me friends.

    joss, ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥(welcome back)

    suki, i am not sure i have the ability to read the instructions correctly :^)

    lo, the shock in your first sentence here just about made me choke on my oatmeal!!! i'm pretty bad, eh? i don't deserve to even have a blog :^) anne has been so helpful. i am breathing yoga-ly. this morning i almost like the white background on my blog. change is coming. ♥

  12. i'm sorry i'm not more help, but boy do you have good advice here! good luck kj, you'll figure it out!

  13. Blogger has bee freaking out for days. I hope some one can help you figure it out.

  14. Somehow I think it doesn't look bad this way.......