Friday, April 22, 2011

A MishMash Week

It's been a good week.

For one thing, I am finally able to visualize my second book. Its bones will be written this summer in Provincetown and I am feeling ready. I have 200 plus first draft pages written already, begun at a hard time, in the format of snippets--one or two paragraphs that tell a story on their own but are also part of a larger whole. I'm not sure that format will remain. But I do know this: whatever I write and however I write it will be driven by my own integrity.

I've had trouble uploading photos this week but I somehow knew the problem would fix itself and as of tonight, it has. So here is some of my week in pictures, not counting the garden that got raked today and the sunflower and zinnia seeds that got planted in little pots tonight.

I wanted you to see that the runners of the Boston Marathon were not all fancy atheletes. These folks had run 20 miles already when I took this photo. I could not have been more inspired.

She won't like this photo: I can hear her now. "Mom, what were you thinking? that is hideous!" But I don't see it that way. This is my Jessica, she is very beautiful, and I love her to the moon and back.

I love being in and around Boston...

And I love where I live in Western Massachusetts.

And I love my new kitchen:

It's not put back together...

But it's very darn sweet. I'll be happy in this space. That's no small thing to say outloud.

Best wishes for a fine weekend


  1. :D


    I'll be back tomorrow.

    it's all good, that's for sure.♥

  2. Blimey KJ, what has happened to the layout of your blog? Is blogger playing silly buggers with it? Anyway I was trying to fugure out the spacing problem you mentioned and I reckon the only thing you can try is upload a different template ... or the same one but from fresh. I know very little about html but I suspect that there's been some kind of corruption of the formatting codes within the template you have at the mo.

    Oh and your kitchen looks fab! xx Jos

  3. Lo, I will await your return ♥

    jos, AAARRRGGH! I screwed up my sidebar whiling fixing the spaces. I think it's because I deleted the last line of all those div's . I will fiddle with it later; meanwhile if anyone can tell mr what to do in 1-2-3 steps I will kiss you :-)

  4. All these typos: now I'm blaming my iPhone.!!!

  5. Did you save a copy of your template before beginning?
    I think you have it right about not having the < div > in there. If you have adjusted the width of the text space or the sidebar space, that could do it too.
    Loved the Bookstore photo....oh, I could spend serious time there. (and get in serious trouble no doubt..)
    Your kitchen is GORGEOUS! Pea green with healthy envy! ;-D
    Have a good weekend!


  6. Wonderful photos.... the kitchen looks completely different - huge, spacious and almost ready for...YART!

    I know it has not been the easiest month for you.... but, I send you love and strength - and prayers too.

    Blessed Easter to all - and please ask Emily to save me some jellies!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  7. sounds like a very good week indeed, your commitment to your book, finishing up your kitchen, hopefully you were able to see some sun and work in your garden yesterday too?

    i am sorry i can't help with the blog, i think maybe a new template would be a good idea...

    i want to be in that bookstore!!


  8. Blog layouts are like Tibetan sand paintings, kj. Just when you finish it, it is blown away in the wind. ;)
    Which might be why I have THE most boring looking blog in BlogWorld. LOVE your kitchen. I am having serious counter top envy. I used to want granite (or something like it), now I am just hoping to get something that looks less like the formica we have. :)) That bookstore is magical. Okay - off to figure out Easter dinner. Kids should be coming in soon! YAY!! xox Pam

    PS Your daughter is gorgeous. :)

  9. Love the kitchen , it looks wonderful and glad you are having a good weekend. Me too in a way. Blog post coming soon if I get off the sofa

  10. Looks like JB's ignoring you! :-)

    I like the photo of Jessica, too. And I'm so glad you are almost done with the kitchen remodel.

  11. anne, save a copy of my template? NOOOOO! i never thought of that :^) i went back and put all those div's back in but no magic came of it. this is probably my nudge to upgrade my blog. wish me luck, anne! ♥

    robin, it feels so roomy! space to make twelve dozen cupcakes!

    lori, being in that bookstore: someday i hope!

    omg pam, you nailed that one. i consider myself lucky i even know how to post! fyi: jb and i got a corian countertop at half price at lowes. there was a sale: only four colors to choose from but it worked. i like the feel of the corian. ♥

    mim, i lost at the casino today. boohoohoo. :^) i hope you have a wonderful relaxing SUNNY weekend xoxo

    cs, it's nice to finish up that kitchen. time to now leisurely putter in and plan the yard. no complaints there xoxo

  12. I think that is a wonderful picture of your Jessica too, love the kitchen

  13. Love the kitchen. It looks great. Then I love your house, it's so 'welcoming'