Sunday, April 24, 2011

Candy, Jellies, & Lollys by Emily Rabbit

Well! Here I am on almost Bunny Day, which kj said I shouldn’t call it that because she said Easter is about something very more serious than what I celebrate but I am sorry because all I can think about is:

1. Solid Chocolate eggs
2. Carrots dipped in chocolate
3. One giant chocolate rabbit wearing overalls and a pink hat with a flower
4. Mutilcolored Jellybeans
5. Marshmallow chickens
6. Grape lollipops

I hope if you celebrate Easter or passover too that you are thinking like I am and not ignoring even m & m’s and Cadbury cream eggs and Reece's peanut butter cups it you want to have some or give some to somebody who would smile if you gave them one. Or you could dig up a plant in someone’s yard and maybe put it in your own pot and keep it near your bed or maybe even give the plant to someone nice or someone you want to be nice.

See this picture? Do you think the rabbit in the picture is me? kj draws me flat like a pancake trying to look like a silly imp and lo drew me dancing and adorable and Sonja drew me zany and babs made me slinky cool and mim made me a cartoon, which could make me famous in which case I would have to give her at least 15% of all the money I made except that my business manager jos will probably need some money too.

So guess what? do you think this picture is me? Yes!This is exactly what I would look like if my ears flopped down instead of up and I weighed more and were older and I were sweet. Hahaha!

I really cannot concentrate on anything right now except candy and jellies and lollys. I hope you are smart enough to know what your priorities are like I do so you will not waste your time on worrying or working because if you do that you will miss your own candy and jellies and lollies, metaphorically speaking*

*kj added this 'metaphorically speaking part only because she knows and i know too that what are jellies and lollys for one person may be junk food for another, so everyone should find their own substitute that makes them as happy as candy makes me and then let that be the most important thing.

sincerely yours
emily rabbit
happy easter


  1. yes, this is kj's blog even though the color has changed but maybe this white is a nice color since i'm a white rabbit and do you like kj's blog white because if you do i will tell her but don't count on her listening to me because she is not always a good listener as i'm sure you already know.

    emily r.

  2. Emilwee.... thank ewe for the wuvely Easter card! I wuved it.
    It is raining here in San Fwancisco...but I feel ok as I had some chocolate! Yummy...

    That KJ... you should have stopped her from twying to tweak her blog.... but you and I both know she will reinvent it and it will become better and bolder!

    Sending Stella, KJ, JB and of course, ewe, Emilwee....Easter Hugs! May your day be as sweet as your Jelly/Lolly Garden!


    ♥ Wrobin ♥

  3. Emily I guess this is one of your most favorite times of year. all those yummies in the tummy. Hopping everyone is having a lovely holiday.

  4. I'm off to plant some jelly beans in your honor ms. emily. (10%!! maybe 15% if you're a good bunny)

  5. Happy Easter to you and Emily! LOL She makes me smile.

  6. Emily Rabbit,
    On this special day,
    I understand bunnies
    Like you want to play.
    I know all the luring
    Of chocolate and candy,
    And lollies and jellybeans~~
    Oh! They are dandy!
    It's sweet to indulge
    And partake of the fun
    As long as you know
    How this season began.

    Your great great great bunnikins
    Long long ago,
    Were held captive by people,
    And they lived in great woe.
    But one night they were told,
    (by a messenger brave)
    To mark all their doors
    And their lives would be saved.
    And all through the dark
    There were cries in the night,
    But your old, old, old family
    Were safe without fright.
    For they were *passed over*
    And then left to stay
    And prosper and thrive,
    Very safe, far away.

    And bunnikins not quiet
    As old as these
    Did witness the loss
    Of one man and two thieves.
    But *man* He was not,
    And on the third day,
    He stood in the garden,
    The stone rolled away.

    And ever since then,
    When Spring comes around,
    We remember the things
    Our old Bunnikins
    Passed down.
    So you, little rabbit,
    Could live in a place,
    Of safety and love
    And generous grace.

    So celebrate much
    With the things that are yummy,
    (just don't over do it
    and have pains in your tummy!)
    But remember this story
    As candy you eat
    And know what you celebrate
    Along with the sweet.

    Spring is for life
    And renewal and joy.
    For Emily Rabbit
    And each girl and boy
    And all on the planet~~
    Each thing that we touch
    Is here due to grace
    And we're all loved so much.

    Happy Bunny Day to you Emily....just don't forget the rest of the story! ;-)

    Anne.....eating malted milk eggs!

    P.S. If you don't understand this, make KJ sit down and explain it over and over.....

  7. OMG I'm so enthralled and enchanted by Anne's poem that I forgot what you had to say, emily. Sorry!

    I think that poem should be published.

    No chocolate for me today but I did have some of my favorite things (as you suggested) wine and salmon ;)
    Oh, I guess I do remember what you had to say!

    Happy Easter...bunny :)


  8. Happy Easter to you, too, Emily! Is it possible I saw you running across my lawn very early this morning with some colored eggs? If so, thank you!
    I like your empathic ideas of sharing Easter treats or doing a service for someone you like or "you want to be nice." A little self-serving, but sometimes you have to oil the wheels...
    The drawing is adorable. How lucky to have ears that go up or down!
    (I do have a chocolate ----- that I'm going to break up into bite-sized pieces! I hope thaat's not offensive--it's only a pretend one.)
    Love, Margaret

  9. do you happen to have any chocolate left over emily? by the time i saw the easter bunny he was all out!

    i hope you had a yummy/lovely day today, i thought about you and all your relatives!

  10. wrobin, i hope it did not rain on your head all day and i hope you did not get your chocolate wet or soggy but if you did i wouldn't worry about it, would you?

    suki, i ate too much and i am sick but i am still eating jellies

    mim, you mean you will pay me and i don't have to pay you? i like that arrangement very much.

    happy passover easter to you lynn. i know they are two different occasions but i'm just a little rabbit so i can put them together if i want to, right?

    oh my oh my
    how well you try
    you rhyme so well,
    anyone could tell
    you are a poet
    even i know it.
    i think you're saying
    i shouldn't be weighing
    chocolate layers
    instead of prayers.
    so i will ask kj
    to 'splain that day
    when good got better
    and bad went away.
    (you wrote a very nice poem and i am glad you are back writing poems because i missed it when you didn't)

    lololo, WAAAAAA!

    ms. margaret, yes, that was me! kj asked me where you live and did i see you but i told her nothing and i won't unless she pays me at least $ 5 and then it will be hard to resist, but i won't tell her everything.

    lori, everyone knows that i do not share my chocolate but this one time i am going to send you a chocolate hen and six yellow marshmellow chickens plus three lollys and 13 jellies, so i hope that makes up for the easter bunny running out and maybe when you come to visit kj you might sneak me some extra candy, i'm not fussy about what kind. okay?

    yours truly,
    emily r.

  11. Emily - I hope you had beans aplenty yesterday. I had cheesecake (made by my daughter) with cherry topping and also some ice cream and then, later in the day (when I was feeling tired), I had some cake. It was a good carbohydrate day all around. Oh, and mashed potatoes. xox Pam

    PS Let us not forget rolls.

  12. Ha ha ha ha, Emily you should've joined Maggie and me hunting for eggs yesterday- she had hunted on Sunday but they did a 'replay' specially for me. we had such fun in the sun. Now you go and lie down you must be so tired.