Thursday, March 31, 2011

Rear Ended

Along with Bartholomew Pepperspots, my dog Rosie was unexpectedly chosen to grace the cover of the 1994 Great Dogs Calendar. These debonair springers were also Mr. and Ms. October. I wrung a lot of mileage out of walking into Borders Bookstores and seeing my wonderful dog looking back at me.

It was about then that I began wishing that someone would include Rosie's tail-less rear in another calendar. I would watch her hop and scoot and bounce along in front of me, like the fastest rabbit, and I would think, "I love her behind!" Is it wrong to think that way? :^)

So here years later, fresh from the Santa Barbara zoo with my friend lori, who just grinned at my temporary preoccupation with the rear end of things, is my abbreviated version of that thought, although there are no dogs in it.


Here they are: the asses of assorted animals. AAA. .
Really I hope there is some educational value in these photos, even though I don't know what that may be. :^)


(turtles: a bit of a stretch, but where is the rear of an oval, anyway?)

and finally, compliments of Emily Rabbit,

who is being paid $3 for this photo,

it's a front view of a rear end,

but if you look you'll see it.




  1. I love cute animal butts, but I'm not sure you've captured any here!! :P
    Thank goodness none of them were "doing" anything when the camera clicked.

    I think you need more coffee before you do another post like this.

    hahahahaha1 You nut!


  2. ah, a critical analysis, ms. lo! i have thus cancelled my inquiries to national geographic. :)

  3. I am so glad you had a good time and it looks like the weather was just perfect for you.
    It is so nice to see all of the AAA's (you my friend are too funny).
    I am still trying to figure out Emily's monster. LOL!
    Glad you are back safe and sound and so glad the california weather provided you with a wonderful show.
    Happy April!

  4. WEll I am NOT going to take this personally no matter what it looks like! LOL What a way to start my day! Still laughing.

  5. marie, see the little nob of a butt on emily's monster? actually, i can't explain what she sees and how. emily is a mystery to me :)

    lynn, oh thank you for the validation! i'm glad you laughed because i think i might have made lo gag! (or snooze...) :)

  6. hee hee he, still grinning!

  7. lori, hee hee, me too! xo

  8. you are so clever. now, where is yours.

  9. Love your conversation with Lo and I must agree! Sorry! :) Do love those tailless dogs, though. My Zappa had one tail vertebrae. Too cute! (Which reminds me that I should walk the current canine companion...)

  10. Haha . . is that the effect you have on zoo animals? They all turn arse about? Poor KJ. Cute nevertheless.

  11. Damn Blogger! I just left a comment......grrr...

    Ok - encore! I LOVE the Animal Butts photos! I tried to guess what the "front" of each butt looked like and I think I did ok.

    Love seeing Rosie's face....what a sweetie!

    Miss feels like EONS since we talked!

    Love to you, JB, Stella and your Mum! (Oh, and Emilwee too!)

    Love, Love,

    ♥ Cupcake ♥

  12. I'm laughing ;-)

    and I have not idea about the last pic, but I'm still laughing.

    x Robyn

  13. suki!

    andrea, you agree with lo? that is probably a case of think-alike talented artists. :)

    hells,i'll have you know at least one flamingo and possibly one monkey seemed willing to slather kisses on me on the spot if i had displayed the tiniest interest :)

    robin, yes, time to talk :) thank you for not telling me i failed to capture anything close to cute animal butts. :)

    robyn, good! happy to oblige!

    mim, TSUP! MWAH!

  14. It is written: "All good things come to an end." In that spirit, I trust the ends you pictured will have good things come to them.

    I also like to recall W. C. Fields wise comment: "There comes a time in the affairs of man when he must take the bull by the tail and face the situation." Was that, perhaps, a bull elephant whose tail you took (in your camera)? Even if you're not a man.

    Oh, the complexities of life!

    Nice pictures, though. Good for you!

  15. Rosie? Who is Rosie?

    What on earth possessed you to photograph a bunch of animal hind ends?