Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Perfect Day

I'm too tired to make this long.
So to the point: I left my house early this morning to spend the day with two great friends who inspire me and who are totally lovable, fun, talented, and loyal. I'm not mentioning names but one paints ravens like no one else and the other draws this cartoony Ms. Em who will be syndicated one day.
I drove an exciting almost two hours, my own supplies in tow: paper clay Ms. Raven painter turned me on to and my precious watercolor pencils and special moleskine. I am a writer not an artist but I was so ready. We'd planned this time together for ions. An art day, lunch, easy peasy friendship.
30 seconds from Ms. Em's house: a call that my Mom had passed out, fallen, ambulance enroute, maybe a stroke.
20 minutes to soak up my friends, tour a warm welcoming cared for and classy whimsy house, be blown away by an amazing studio and what talent!, look at Raven Painter's remarkable new work, hug, appreciate, lament, leave.
90 minutes to the hospital. JB was already there, comforting my Mom.
7 fucking hours in the emergency room. (sorry)
My Mom has not had a stroke. She has a very broken arm and not yet a reason why she lost consciousness. She is 95, has no present memory, is lucid and smart despite that, and is very wonderful. I will stand by her without blinking.
I'm home now. What a day.
Mostly I feel bad for my two wonderful friends. I know there's no apology necessary, but damn I'm sorry I had to leave. I long to be in that studio again.
A perfect day? hahahaha! And yet, I spent this day with some pretty fantastic people. People I love.
People I love.


  1. Oh no...............!
    What a flash visit!
    What a tease!
    But at least you hugged them.
    And your Mom is alright. I mean if you can call a broken arm better then a stroke. At her age, both are very bad.
    Hope her arm will heal soon. Poor Mom and poor you.
    What a day...........

    Sending you comforting hugs dear and love


  2. And those two friends are going where? And that studio is being remodeled when?

    Hmmm Thought so. Give your mom a kiss for me.

  3. Oh your sweet mom ((♥))

    We'll do it again KJ. I'm so glad you finally got to be inside Mim's house though. It sure makes a difference when we can picture our friends in their spaces, doesn't it? You were dearly missed.

    Kisses and hugs to you and mom.


  4. so glad to hear your mom didnt have a stroke. sending her peace and love. what a day for sure. well, maybe the quick visit with your friends helped sustain you through the rest! Blessings, suki

  5. That's just terrible you missed your day (well most of it), like Marianne said, what a tease. I am glad your mom did not have a stroke, strokes are no fun let me tell you. Kisses to you and your mom. xoxo

  6. What a topsy-turvey day! Most important is that your wonderful Mom DIDN'T have a stroke.... but, a broken arm at her age is also difficult. (Those AWFUL ER's....I spent a lot of time in them with my Father.....) Still, your Mom has incredible spirit - and she has the love and support of YOU,
    m' dear and JB. I am sending prayers and love.... least you three wonderful women had a few minutes together! I know it meant a lot to Mim and Lo. There WILL be another time!

    Sending your Mum, you and JB love and strength!


    ♥ Cupcake ♥

  7. I still say you should have taken home a brownie. Left me with a pile of them you did.

    miss you and we'll do it again.

  8. Dear kj,
    The best laid plans. . . Things usually seem to happen for a reason... Here, you seemed to be able to bond with both friends and Mom.
    And they usuallly send in-home nurses to get the arm working again and do little chores... Maybe it's the way you care for these people that made it a "kj day." Prayers for you and your Mom, me

  9. So sorry about your mom. I hope she heals quickly.
    And sorry for your disappointment. I too hope you and the girlfriends can get togetehr again really soon.

  10. how is she now kj? does she have pain? i hope she doesn't.

    and i hope you are okay too. i haven't got anything meaningful to say. i just know the fear,disappointment,relief,joy,frustration and acceptance you must have felt yesterday.
    i know i would have.

  11. Oh KJ how gutting and yet isn't this just how life goes sometimes. It will make the anticipation of your next visit all the sweeter.

    I hope your mum is on the mend or at least soon will be. Broken bones aren't much fun at that age, the pain seems to hang around for ages with thinner bones ... well so my mum tells me anyway. She's just had her cast finally removed and her arm still looks slightly wonky. All is well according to the doc so we'll carry on as ever.

    Big hug from way over here. xx Jos

  12. That is sad... I hope your mother is fine and recovering fast.
    It is no fun to grow old :-(

  13. Friends understand - what choice did you have but to leave. (Gentle) hugs to your mom.

  14. I'm holding you and your dear mom in my heart, kj. I'm so glad it wasn't a stroke.

    Take good care of yourself, OK? And give your mom a tender little kiss and hug for me.

  15. Poor mom! My best wishes for a quick healing of her broken arm.

  16. Poor Mom. Hope she's OK . .the timing sucks but hey, there's always tomorrow and the next day.

  17. marianne, i was kind of heartbroken about lo and mim, tempered by my worry about my Mom. hugs to you too xo

    hello mark, yeah, i know.... :)

    yes, lo, it does make a difference. it adds depth and texture and color to an already vibrant portrait of loving friendship. xoxoxoxoxox ♥

    thanks, suki. quick, ironic, comforting, unexpected! and worth it. my Mom is fragile and weak and still smiling even through her arm pain.

    thank you annie, i know you know. i'm grateful and i'm worried at the same time. xoxo

    robin, i know hospitals and i know health care. what has happened to er's in the last five years is unconsciencable. before i 'intervened' a nurse had told me it was possible my mom might have to stay on a guirney in the hall way until the next morning. ah...i don't think so.....xoxox

    mim, i ate all of jb's chocolates :)(i'm so glad to have 'stopped in'. please invite me again asap :)

    thank you margaret, i'm happy to care, you know?--since i get the caring all back and then some. ♥

  18. thank you lynn, how lucky to have mim and lo so nearby that we can plan a day together. you should have seen mim's studio, lynn, she is incredibly and multi-talented.

    thanks lori. my Mom's arm is painful but she is tolerating pain meds well. the hardest thing is now weak she is and not knowing why she fainted. more tests today. no matter what, i will be rejoicing on feb 20th---!

    hello jos, i know it's the season to be prepared. my Mom is 95 years old. you can guess what i'm praying for: peace for her when that time must come. i can almost hear your british accent in this comment, jos :^) & ♥

    sidney, you know the expression: it's no fun to grow old but the alternative is worse :)

    cs, very true ♥

    thank you twinkly twin. been thinking of you, always nice to see you here. are you painting? xoxo

    thank you wieneke, i'm so glad it's not her leg and we're panicking that she will forget and weight bear. that was harder than this, at least so far. ♥

    hells, sometimes i think you are a bona fide optimist :)

  19. Kj,Give Momma big gentle hug ok and wishing for a speedy recovery.Dont get me started on Hospital emergency rooms...No..Im letting that one go..or else I will start cursing too!!
    Im so sorry you didnt have more time with your friends..sometime we really need that friend time dont we..and a day of friends,art and crafting..come on..there is nothing better..good news though..another get together is on the horizon.Big Hugs,Cat

  20. Way too late to comment on this post, kj, and I'm sorry. Your poor the age of 95 broken bones are no picnic. I'm so glad you were available, even though you had to miss what sounds like an incredible day, to make sure your mom was properly taken care of. It must have been very tense for you until you got to the hospital. My thoughts are with you and your mom...hope things will be better soon...xoxoxoxo

  21. So sorry to have missed this kj ... I really hope your Mom is on the mend. What a pity about your day so looked forward to. There will be others. xx