Thursday, January 13, 2011

Whether Weather Yo Snow!

. .


No snow
Low snow
Even knee deep snow
Encircles my wishes
For something I know
Grey snow
Black crow
A sight to bestow
Though something keeps falling
Above and below
Blow snow
Whoa snow!
I could lay low
Fall Into the questions
And justly letting go
Yo! Snow
A free throw?
Is it time to outgrow?
But that won’t solve the weather
A long time ago
Vincent Van Gogh
A blizzard plateau
Tracks in the snow?
I’m following footsteps
Encrusted just so..
And whether though
I just might forgo?
Navigate just so
And tuck all the questions
Into the snow?
Double Whoa!
I probably know!
I have kernals to follow
And stories to sow
I’m witnessing snow
So deeply as though
I’m in overflow
Snow on my tongue
And snowballs to throw
I’m a poet you see
I know that, it’s me
I can start I can quit
I can stand I can sit
Snow today
Not tomorrow
Clear tonight
Hello sorrow
I can change this design
This whether is mine
Whether to blow
Hold stay or go
Accept or forego
Arrive or lay low
Freeze up or flow
Look up at the snow
It’s mine to decide
I can fold….
I can hold
I can try
I can fly

. .
For Lori.......


  1. Oh how beautiful... I have never in my life experienced snow like that.

    Snow... love the poem

    x Robyn

  2. I still remember those snows from my early childhood in Massachusetts. But what we're getting here in the SOuth is still too much for me.

  3. Amazing shots especially for this sunny Californian.

  4. 'Blow, blow thy Winter Wind' -
    as Mr. Shakespeare said...

    Fantastic photos! Lori wil love the one of the STOP sign! It's too funny!

    What an "Ode to Snow"!

    Here's one California Girl who adores and misses it....


    ♥ Robin ♥

  5. wowwowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowow! WOW!

    :) :) :)

    oh i HOPE there is still snow next month! now i must go back and actually read your words. heeheehe!

    thanks kj, i LOVE it.

  6. OOh aren't you getting fanshy shmantzy with your camera. Love the top shot. It looks so lovely. I know it must be a nuisance to clear but it just looks picture perfect.

  7. I'm throwing you a virtual snowball :)

  8. oh me too, throwing a virtual snowball. what fun. as is the poem. it feels like you really had fun writing that one.

  9. I've been in every place in those photos ;)

    It's nearly covering the stop sign!! Wow, you're buried.

    My favorite shot is the myriad of blue shadows across the house. The top one is pretty cool too.
    I may take myself to Blithwold for some wonderland shots. That could be awesome.

    The poem's fun!! Normally I'd rhyme back but I don't have it in me this morning. Maybe I'll come back later with one.

    Lori's coming out in Feb??? I hope she gets snowed in here!♥

    Later Gator~


  10. robyn, you know because of you i want to see perth... xoxo

    cs, too much for me too. i don't like knowing the ground will be white until march.... xoxo

    thank you, lynn. i'm headed for california in a month or two and i can't wait!

    wrobin, you are a west and east coast girl: the best of both. as you know, there is nothing more beautiful than just-fallen snow. oh well, i take that back: the ocean. the mountains. the canyons. okay, the whole world is magestic!

    lori, i was giddy wanting you to see this post.

    hells, you are too kind. i still just point and shoot. one of my 2011 goals: take a camera course. but what about learning to play the guitar? should i do that first?
    and learning to sketch? sigh....

    mim, i threw one back and hit your adorable hat. you are one cute girl, mim! :)

    suki, a snowball back at you too. i wrote the poem at the big yellow last weekend. you are right. it was fun. i don't write enough fun poems these days. do you too find that it's easier to write when sad and lost? xo

    no lo! two of the shots are a street in springfield, actually not the safest street, even. snow is its own fashion statement, eh? otherwise, i am glad you know all these places. i am glad i know yours. i am glad. xoxo

  11. Oh, kj, I love your ode to snow, and I love your photos. The sky in that one picture is glorious. :) We haven't had a good snow yet, but cold and windy weather (which isn't my favorite thing, if we are listing them - haha). Sorry to be absent here. I am running as fast as I can to get caught up with all the other areas of my life. But right now, I am sipping tea and watching the birds eat. :) Life is good! xox

  12. Lovely to see some photos of your home in the winter!Right now we have a foot and a half on the ground and another two feet arriving this evening. But it is unbelievably beautiful, even tho the temps are sub zero frigid.

    We're doing a lot of ploughing these days!

  13. Oh my gosh - that's a whole lotta snow! Reminds me of when we lived in Sweden. Lovely photos kj, but glad to be here in the warmth! x

  14. ...too much snow for me, but so lovely to see the photos. I especially like the shadows and crystal of ice