Saturday, January 01, 2011

How I Spent New Year's Eve & What To Make Of It

Do you ever worry that if you throw a party nobody will come?

That's me.

But I'm changing that. Hell, I have enough problems sometimes without worrying about how my popularity looks to the world at large.

So JB and I invited some friends and friends of friends here for New Year's Eve and all together twelve of us had a great evening partying and eating and all around enjoying. Normally we would have planned a pot luck dinner but JB for some reason wanted Chinese take out.

Oh my did we ever Chinese takeout! Sushi, pu pu platters, scallion pancakes, peking raviolis, salmon teriyaki, tangerine beef, shrimp and scallops with basil, moo shi pork, eggplant and tofu, chicken and green beans in garlic sauce. And more. No need to include the whole menu: I'll just add it was wicked fun.

The potluck kicked in for deserts. Oh my oh my. Red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. My apple pie. Fresh pineapple with with strawberries and blueberries. Frosted sugar cookies. Pastries just arrived from Montreal.

We sent up an extra table on the porch, lit candles, and sometimes our dinner conversation was 12 person deep and sometimes we became little groups. Marsha and I told each other how great it is that we are friends. Howard, a judge from LA, promised he wouldn't judge anything all night. We laughed. Pass the moo shi, try the salmon, pour the pinot grigio, hear the fire crackle, feel the warmth right here, right now.

Throughout dinner and into the night we laughed our heads off. We passed around rubber noses and wore them with all the ridiculous dignity we could could muster (remember Lo and Marianne?) We indulged, we imbibed, we inhaled. :)

I looked around and realized something that has evaded me for the last couple of years. I am here with people who are here. I am not here with people who are there.

Perhaps that sounds strange but maybe not. I just know I'll be looking forward in 2011. Thank God I will.

Photos? Where are the photos? Ah, it seems that 2011 will for me begin only with the color of words.

I hope you don't mind since I am a writer. And in 2011 I will write. More poetry. More essays. More philosophic waxing (hello Mim ♥). More hope. More stories. More the me I was, still am, will be.

I have sweet hopes for the new year. I started feeling my way with those sweet hopes last night, in the company of JB and friends. A good good start.


  1. It sounds a dream party. True, words are more colorful than pictures. Wish you a very happy year ahead. What more is in life? What greater work? We do not need to do detailing but details come to us as we go.

    May all blessings (God) attend you for ever!

  2. It sounded delicious, friendly and comfy. Sounds like everyone came and it was perfect. Love the non judgemental judge. ;-)
    Glad you were able to bring in the new year surrounded by your love and friendships.
    Wishing you the best for this new year in all that you do in every realm.
    And so glad JB loved her "pocketbook"!! Thanks for letting me know. ♥

  3. Sounds fabulous! We stayed home with our 2 kids and played board games, and sighed at the earthquakes that shook us every so often, and we were well glad that we ended the year together and started the next one in the same vein.

    Happy New Year, all the very best of everything to you and yours. xx

  4. Wow, you got my mouth watering with that one. What a fun time!

    Yes, more of you, more of you, that will be good.

    p.s. what does TSUP mean?

  5. pu pu platters...nope ain't going to go there.

    As long as you all are content as the days progress what the hell else matters.

    I am glad though that you had a good party and i for one will not hold you to your implied resolution of less photo's.

  6. Wow this sounds good and no pictures needed with these words.
    Hope 2011 will be a great year for you, well I think it will , I know it will be!

    Happy New Year to you ♥

  7. I actually once gave a party and no one came. Mixup's they all said but I was a bit suspicious!

    it sounds a wonderful evening and I can picture it all.

    I SOOO look forward to the philosophical waxing. Do you have to use elbow grease to get a good shine????

    :) mim

  8. If my crystal ball wasn't dirty I might have seen that the weather was going to be fantastic for a getaway to your neck of the woods. But no, I thought there would be ice and snow to contend with.
    Well, I was there in spirit! You would have had to have a lot of fried rice on hand for me and Marianne though ;)

    Sounds like a wonderful time. And your words conjured all the pics I needed!

    Happy New Year PP~
    We are going to kick some serious butt this year! (goal wise)


  9. MUWAH!

    What a party! Sounds like a perfect time - good friends, good food.... this is what life should be all about!

    Off to "work" at the de Young's (hold your breath..) RAINING! Should be a 'fun' walk!

    MUWAH! (Again!)


    ♥ Cupcake ♥

  10. Nothing like the company of friends although hold the rubber noses. Sounds like a lovely evening. Hah spent mine with a plate of oysters, prawns and a blue swimmer crab . .oh and with you-know-who of course.

  11. That's a lovely way to spend time and sounds like a great way to start the new year.
    Wish I was there too.

    Happy New Year and I look forward to sharing it with you and all our lovely blogging friends.

    love Robyn

  12. I too had a party--for my atheist group--KJ, but my worry was that too many would come, so I only announced it on Dec 30. There were nine of us, and it was a quiet event, as I had hoped.

  13. What a lovely party, who could ask for more than that?
    Happy New Year!

  14. Happy Newyear,well if the year will be like the party was it will be GOOD....
    Greetings from Holland,

  15. I think I gained 15 pounds just reading this post Kj!!! I wish I could have been there it sounds like a wonderful group of friends...

    YES Let's hope that 2011 is going to be a better year!!!!!

    With Love gypsy sister~

  16. agg! how did i miss this? i am always late! hahaha, maybe that should be my new years resolution, no more late.

    your night sounds so great! i'm so happy for you, a perfect way to welcome in the new year. it warms my heart kj.

    late lori :)

  17. Yay! The world needs more hope and I feel hope is coming too!
    I am so glad you had a nice New Year, I had one like you and it was sooooooooo nice!
    Love and hugs to you and JB, dear one!!!