Monday, October 04, 2010

YART 2010: Energized Exhaustion

It's not over even yet.
I should start with the art, I should explain the photos, I should organize this post.
But from Thursday night to this early Monday morning, it has been a whirlwind of incredible people, incredible food, amazing artistry, music sing alongs and a spirit and community and connectedness I am not yet able to put into words, maybe I never will.
For now here are some photos which may offer glimpse into YART 2010.
Studio Lolo
Annie's bowl (in absentia)
hahahaha: Robin & kj (try) make cupcakes
(they were the hit of the weekend)
JB's Bowls
JB's Journals

the refrig
the lifesaver (Robin)
a dozen meals, one tiny kitchen
hahaha--kj forgets the 'k' in parking
so in the time crunch of the year
paring will have to do :)
just the beginning of music and song on the couch

hahaha: Could it possibly be breakfast?
There will be more to say.
But for now
Thank you says it all.
It was fucking fabulous.


  1. It was. It really was. Thanks to you and JB for putting this on. I had a blast and am still high from the experience

  2. It was my honor and my pleasure for being a part of it.
    Brian is buzzing, glowing even, from the joy of being there.

    Thank you for making me look good in the photo ;)

    And thank you, KJ and JB for having the insight to know this would be a fabulous event.

    love you,

  3. Oh it all looks so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You lucky B's that you all were there!!!!
    Thanks for the pics.


  4. That looks like an enormous amount of fun and I can understand the exhaustion.

    Lolo... you look adorable :)

    Thanks for sharing this event kj.

    love to you
    Robyn x

  5. ...PS i forgot to say how much i love all of the artwork - really wonderful!

  6. Looks like you all had great fun...the artwork is fabulous!! Nice to see photos of lolo and Mim and Robin. I'm so glad the Yart went well!!

  7. Energized Exhaustion is so true! I was exhausted, got home at 8:30pm, unpacked my Jeep... but couldn't get to sleep until midnight! The memories of the day running, sorting and melding into my mind.

    Awesome to actually talk, touch and hug you and everyone else from blogland... and also the ones who aren't from blogland. A wonderful day shared in warmth as the sun smiled down on us.

    A million thank yous! xxoo

  8. Okay, I am jealous. No two ways about it. What fun. The art looks terrific. (Why don't I recognize the painter? Who did that rooster and what looks like the Cape paintings on the fence? Mim, all your art looks smashing and so does yours Lolo. I don't know Chewy,but yours is great too. Robin flew out from SF? Wow. To make cupcakes no less! Love JBs art as well. Who did the scarves?
    What a blast you all had. Wish I'd been there. Can't wait to see and hear more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I just wrote a lovely, long comment that blogger ate! So let me just say I would have given anything to be there. Love the photos, glad at least that my bowl was there :-). It has a more exciting life than me. Kisses.

  10. Those cupcakes crack me up. It looks fabulous and sunny and wonderful. :) Love all the YART art, and like Annie, I'm just glad Plush Emily could watch it all (she DID, didn't she???) haha. xo Pam

  11. Thank you Robyn and Marion...but there really isn't a picture of me here. Only my magnets!

    Thank you KJ ;)

  12. Wow!! i've been wondering and waiting, and praying that the weather would cooperate for you, and all would go like you'd hoped. This is just what i imagined, even better.
    I can only imagine how exhilirated and exhausted you must be kj (and everyone) (isn't Robin an angel?)

    I LOVE Mim's and Lolo's spaces, I would have been shopping there for sure, and JB's art! oh my gosh. I love the felted scarves, and Chewys (just now met)art, really great. What a fantastic event. You really are the world's best hostess's, kj and jb!

    More photos please!!

    ♥ lori

  13. Just looking at this post warms me old heart, yessireee!

    Thanks for all the great photos,,,,,it comes pretty close to feeling like I was almost there.
    OMG, I LOVE the cupcakes,,,
    the ART,,,
    the atmosphere,,
    the sunshine,,,(I was worried about that)
    I could go on and on,,,I adored seeing this smile on cute Chewy,,
    and JB's pottery,,,wow,,,,wish she'd blog so we could see more.
    Please, JB?

    Love in the yard,,,just beautiful ladies,congratulations on pulling it all off,,,,you done (SO) good!

  14. Just had to come back after seeing everyone's post and had to tell I truly enjoyed all pictures and I am in awe of what a fabulous event the 2 of you organized!!!!!!
    Of course with the help of Robin and others but you sure are the best hostesses !!!!!

    Next time..... I hope there will be a next time and I got to meet you all!

  15. Robin! What a greeter! Don't you agree kj? And the cupcakes? FABULOUS, homemade bits of heaven!I am not a blogger but kj wanted to know why I hadn't added my 2 cents :-)Everything people have said so far is true, and as you can see from the frig picture, there was lots of busy-ness in the kitchen. Wonderful people, beautiful art, lovely day, great hostesses (and lots of new friends); a sing-along, great conversation, and exhaustion...but what fun!

  16. wonderful fotos -- jb's bowls - that amazing journal (wish i could have been there to see all of this in person) and loved the cupcakes you made! how great to see fotos of everyone and also robin - what a dear to fly all the way there- you guys must have had a blast this weekend.

    so funny about the par(k)ing sign -- i just made a congrats sign for my kids' graduation party this summer and left the 'r' out -- so conrats on such a successful YART and weekend!!! heehee

  17. Oh I just wish I could have been there. Fantastic.

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  19. Wheeeeeeeeeeee! Lucky ducks xox

  20. I'm still on a high, KJ. I really don't think I can put into words what a great experience it was, but I just put up the first of two posts on it. (Plus more, afterwards, on the touring around I did). I'm having a bit of internet difficulty, but I will send my photos of the people to you soon.

  21. mim, tsupmwah! it was WONDERFUL. i am so glad the universe affirmed your wares. ♥

    lo, i love spending time with you, doing this with you, melding lives and friends and family. what a weekend indeed. ♥

    marianne, email coming for discussion of 2011 dates. next year you and marja, please yes. ♥

    robyn, it was awe-some. ♥

    marion, wanna come next year? we had a blast. all wonderful people sharing and having fun. ♥

    aw chewy, getting to know you was such a highlight. and you helped so incredibly much. thank you so very much for everything. yes yes yes we'll do it again. ♥

    lynn, robin and i making those cupcakes was hilarious. and they were the best cupcakes we ever tasted, all from scratch. the paintings are by my friend gordon heins. you can google him. ♥

    annie, manohman, blogger gives you a hard time. nexgt year for sure. you were missed. ♥

  22. pam, emily plush was well behaved. she has a certain dignity about her. missed you here, prudie1. maybe next year? ♥

    lori♥,you were thought of often, did your ears itch? (or is it ring?) the weather was perfect. everything was perfect, albeit a few meltdowns around food and pots and pans. it was hard to take photos--so much going on. and i;m screening mim's of me--i can't help it. but i still have a few shots and a few YART stories to tell. ♥

    babs, chewy is awesome. she contributed so much. please come anytime babs! it really was so much fun. we had 40 people for dinner sat. night and every single one was wonderful. ♥

  23. marianne, there WILL be a next time and it will hopefully be next year--so based on that alone, i can't wait to see you again!!! xoxo

    anonymous: your presence was irreplaceable and irrepressible. i am officially glad you are my friend. in case you didn't know...

    amanda, come next year! robin was amazingly helpful. she was her own grand hostess. as for the sign, hahaha, thanks for the conrats. xoxox

    BT, how nice that you've stopped by, gina. it would take a trip across the atlantic but it would be guaranteed fun. the company alone was worth gold. xoxo

    nolly, ♥

    cs, meeting you was a delight. i hope you know. ♥

  24. Kj, I said this in my first comment, the one blogger ate, but I thought I had said it again in the second, I LOVE JB's bowls and her journals, they are stunning!
    Please tell her for me.

  25. It's too refreshing especially I like the cupcakes..yes, those look yummy...

  26. Wow - am so envious!!!! It all looks just wonderful - what a fab weekend!

  27. fucking fabulous looks like only the beginning!! wow! and sunshine to boot ;-) So glad the weather was on your side. I love JB's work, just beautiful. I hope there's a YART in my future!!
    much love, Karin

  28. This is so fun...visiting the 'attendees' blogs and seeing all the pix and stories and feelings and residual 'highs'...I have to be there in 2011...and since I'm not an artist, maybe I could take pictures, lol...

  29. Hi again!
    Just watches all the pictures of the Yart with Felix , he loved to see everyone again!

  30. Hahaha I looked 3 times for Lolo in the pics(ok have to admit had 3 glasses of wine:))
    You all had a wonderful time as the pics show,and girls you earned it!

    Big hug for all of you, and a cudlle for Superstella,

  31. Dear "KJB", finally roused from my stupor - flying is NOT FUN! But had to come here to comment.... love the photos.. and the one of the cupcakes just set me giggling again! (NOT GOOD for my sore throat!) They were good though....and between that and the Eggplant Parmegana...hey - we did YOU know, I am not a great cook!

    But meeting everyone - bloggers and non-bloggers alike was thrilling and enriching! Everyone was wonderful - intelligent - fun to talk to.

    And....on a selfish note....our last day gallavanting the hills to see the multi-coloured trees, visiting the little stores and the lunch spot... (not to mention the "exciting" drive to the airport)....was a real treat for me.

    Thank you, JB AND Stella, for sharing your home with me....I had one of the most rewarding expereinces of my life - and I am counting the days till "YART IV"!
    (I am bringing some blue food coloring with me - gonna' make those lilac frosted cupcakes next time! Emily told me I could!)

    Love to all,

    ♥ Robin ♥

  32. annie, i told her. with pleasure.

    shubjajit, we made quite a mess! and yes, they were yummy! xoxo

    caroline, i know you would have loved it all. i can just see you in the midst of it.

    karin, there is a YART in your future next year! count on it please!

    teri, no need to be an artist. the only attendance requirement is an inclination to enjoy. xoxo

    ah felix! ah marianne! next year your absence has to be filled. you are both so missed and so loved. ♥

    marja, a photo or two of lo should be coming. she and i allow one another first screenings, and i've been slow. but perhaps soon. xo

    robin, there is so much i could say, but it's too important to tuck into a comment. i worried before the YART that understandably our blog friends would stay together and not mix with others. i did not know that the circle of friendship would be so wide, and that everyone at YART would fit into that circle so easily. that this was such a 'rewarding experience' for you, dear friend, warms the already red hot heart. yay for all of it. xoxo