Monday, October 18, 2010

If I Were Choosing Now.....

I would paint scenes on buildings!
Like this!
Even though I'm afraid of heights!


  1. Love it !!

    wish you could ;)

    thanks for sharing this x

  2. Very clever, I can't draw much beyond stick people and that wouldn't look too good on a building!

  3. Very clever, I can't draw much beyond stick people and that wouldn't look too good on a building!

  4. How creative! i'd like to do a mural in Hannah's room, but I don't know where to start.

    Is this in your neighborhood?

    xxx lori

  5. robyn, when i come across a building painted with life like this, i just stare and stare xoxo

    sag, same with me. :)

    lori, lo can tell you where to start, and i KNOW you will know what to do once you do start. this building is tucked into a city block in brookline, just outside of boston, just a few blocks from my beloved (and orgasmic) mr. sushi

  6. I love murals! I painted one for a child's room years ago - nearly did my back in with all the clambering up and down on ladders!xx

  7. Hi kj! Historic Frederick has some incredibly cool murals. I will try and get some pics next time I am there. Me? I'm going to be a singer in a rock band next time. :0 xox!

  8. Dearest KJ,

    You CAN do this because they are most likey done on panels, then installed :)
    Do I see Emily Rabbit behind the curtain?

    I'd love to help Lori paint Hannah's room!

    I feel better today, but better than that is Bliss is more herself!! yay!


  9. I love murals like these. Quite a few of the buildings in my hometown have paintings on the sides or all over them, done by some renowned artists. They're very beautiful, especially at night when they're all lit up. I love the lady in the window in this one...

    Wednesday sounds good, kj, give me the details and I'll be there..

  10. praps you might find so low buildings to paint on. I love decorations like this. about having someone paint on the side of yr house or on yr fence?

  11. some low buildings not so low buildings

  12. Last weekend was the Oyster Fest in Oyster Bay, the weekend before we had our Mini Mart in Sea Cliff, similar to your Yart. Very funny parking sign, Our house is along the trek of many cars parking up and down the street to walk in to the Mini Mart. We have thought many times to put up a parking sign in our drive and charge. Many do just that.

    I just finished a job at the Pierre Hotel where in a room where we stored our empty containers was the most beautiful Mural of a long dining room as if you were looking in to a mansion window from the streets of London. In one set of windows people were peeking out of the kitchen door that led to the dining room, in the middle set of windows was a beagle waiting for the meal to be served and in the last set of windows was a look down the end of the table and into the hall leading away from the Dining room. I was amazed at the mural. In my rush to pack up and get home, I never stopped to snap a picture.

  13. I adore paintings on buildings - there's a lot of this in SF...and also one building where actual, REAL furniture has been attached to the various levels of the building....if I ever get downtown, I will take a shot and share!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  14. I had to take a closer look at these..they are so magical and fun.

    I also have to add that I really enjoyed reading your "From me to you" Post.It really gave me so much to think the lessons learned and still learning.. what would I write to myself..this one is going to keep me up tonight.. hehehehe..
    Warmest Regards,Cat

  15. lynn, i'm on the lookout for more!

    caroline, i would LOVE to see what you did!! you are my favorite watercolorist in the whole world. ♥\

    pam, HAHAHAHAHA! i started to read your comment and i'm thinking, 'i wonder who Historic Frederick is..." and pam, personally, i think you could be anyone you wanted, including a rock star. ps
    you are a book star and a friend star to me already. :)

    oh dear lo! as if i could paint even emily's ears. like sag i can barely do a stick person. then there's YOU: you could paint any mural anywhere. in our restaurant JB and i commissioned four HUGE murals of the sky, from dawn to dark, and hung them flat on the ceiling. the effect was incredible. ♥

    marion, wednesday. tsupmwah!!!!

  16. suki, ditto HAHAAHHAHA! i can't paint anything worthy of a mural, suki! well, maybe a rainbow....:)

    hello tusk ♥ oh how i would love to see that mural at the st pierre hotel. the whole thing sounds so magnificent. if you find yourself back there again, will you take a shot for me? x0

    wrobin, wrobin, can you take a photo? three dimensional: i would love to see that. and i think someday i will see it WITH you with my own eyes!!

    barbara, very nyc-ish, don't you think? xo

    cat, how very nice to see you here. thank you for your comment. i hope you might decide to write your own letter. it felt really important to do, from both ages! ♥

  17. that's great kj! and i'm sure you'd get past your fear in no time :) xox K

  18. I too adore this.
    Search Trompe-l'œil images kj.
    You will have eye candy for days.
    Have fun.
    We have some in San Diego that are great fun too!!

  19. Of course, if you were to paint scenes on buildings, you would whup your fear of heights in no time flat. Emily could even be your assistant. I just wouldn't tell her about the height problem though, or she might (read WOULD) mess with you.