Thursday, July 29, 2010


In two days, I will pack my vacation toolbox* and my laptop and "move" to Provincetown, a tiny penninsula off the tip of Cape Cod. JB and will settle in for a few days, return home for three days of work, and then I will snuggle into P-town for three weeks. The first four days I will be alone: I will write long hours into the night, joyfully determined to make a serious dent in novel # 2, and then JB will return and we will have two plus weeks of real vacation. We'll have plenty of visitors, our family and good friends coming and going, punctuated by sea breezes and all around relaxation mode.
The toolbox:
white candles
2 micron pens
watercolor pencils
my Moleskine drawing book
a little packet of incense
fancy matches
my ten year old spa quality flip-flops
1 book on writing & 1 research book on love addiction
& love avoidance
tarot cards
1 pound of italian coffee
1 in process manuscript
my beloved camera

I'm talking too much. I'll let the pictures of Provincetown give you a feel of this place where the light magically bounces off the ocean:

with abundant love,


  1. Sounds and looks idyllic - enjoy!x

  2. Such a gorgeous and quaint place!
    Photos of Provincetown always make me want to explore the streets and the buildings, exquisite!
    p.s the boy in the photo on my blog is my son :) He is my eldest Kalani and he is so soft and pure and full of peace. Somtimes I think that raising Kalani must be like raising the Dalai Lama! <----- seriously!

  3. Seems to me this is the third trip to P town I have taken with you kj. Hope we enjoy it as much as the first two.

  4. what a lovely lovely place to be, to write and love your jb and just BE. and don't tease me with invitations.... you know i would love to come, just not financially possible...wish i could be there when marianne arrives. thanks for invite- you are the sweetest darling.

  5. Kj, I can't tell you how much I wish I could come visit, this beach town looks perfect and if not for family I might be moving there! Also, how I dream of 3 weeks off! Have fun and I am sure we will be getting a full report, right?

  6. Oh, man oh man...this looks like the vacation I need to take. :) Maybe I can get some of that ocean air through my laptop screen. ;) I hope you have a wonderful time, and get lots of writing done (the next few days I am devoting to writing, which might mean locking myself in the bathroom!). I'll be thinking of you and jb wiggling your toes in the sand. xox! Pam

  7. caroline, thank you ♥

    sweetsweetmango, i LOVE kalani's name! you just have to look at him to know he is a child of peace. ♥ i will explore the streets and buildings on your behalf, michelle. my camera is orgasmic thinking about that.

    thank you, mark. i'm am glad to have you along. xoxo

    joss, i HAD to invite you. i had to!

    ah annie, if you moved there you would be moving to a town of 3000 residents off season, filled with art and coastlines and poets and energy and a dose of hystrionics!

    pam, i hope you manage to flush out some writing, bath and bubble up in finding the best words. hee hee i am so trite. be well, my dear friend. write! write! to hell with dinner! :)

  8. Ummm...I smell the sea air, feel the warm breezes...the sand crinkling under my toes......sigh, one day, one day!

    In the meantime, dear KJB, enjoy your time with Janet and Stella - bask in the aura of being loved....because you are!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  9. 3 weeks??? Oh dear lord. I'm so glad for you kj (and family) how wonderful for you all. (and not one bit envious.)

    It looks like you have all the essentials for a peaceful and productive get a way at the same time. I hope you accomplish what you want with your writing.

    I did see the way the light bounces off the ocean, it is indeed magical.


  10. sounds like you have all the ingredients for a perfect vacation. and the toolbox list pretty much resembles what i'd bring along (except the coffee would have to be decaf ;-( !!)

    enjoy your idyllic time at the beach and hope you are inspired to write beautiful words♡


  11. ah, robin, you've described the scene to a Tee (tee hee hee). thank you for your well wishes. ptown overflows with memories for me: "hopes, dreams, inspirations, aspirations, and practical matters"

    lori, i think ptown would charm the socks off you. and yes, three weeks. not for certain--a couple of work or Mom things may pull me back midway for a short time, but i cannot believe i may have three weeks!! xoxo

    hello amanda, i forgot to add my walking shoes! i'll have decaf for you. myself, i LOVE that first cup of strong coffee. xoxo

  12. Ah you are a tease beyond teasers, you know I want to be there instead of here in the pouring rain, with washing strewn all over the living room. Have a wonderful, wonderful time.

  13. lovely photo's miss vacation.

  14. kj I sincerely hope that your time away is as wonderful as these photos. I'm sure it will be.

    I've had a lovely time here this morning catching up on previous posts that I have missed.
    Your photos of your garden are glorious. I hope someone will be caring for it when you are away.... I guess they will as you have pets too :)

    I know you know just how lucky you are.

    be well
    x Robyn

  15. Oh that stair case and the sand say it all for me. I can smell the sea air...............ENJOY...wish I was there.