Friday, April 02, 2010

Things That Matter...

Mr. Ryan asks his Mother:
When I'm four, will my name
still start with 'R'?


  1. No, it will start with A as in Adorable.

  2. I'm with Allegra. He is SO cute

  3. Don't you wish you could know the line of reasoning that prompted that question?

    One of my favorites from one of my boys years ago when we attended the wedding of two women friends: "Does this mean they can only have daughters?"

  4. This morning William (also 4 y.o.) asked if we could wait until he was 6 or maybe even 7 before we get into a rocket to go into space. He thinks he needs to be a bit bigger before we commence such huge adventures. I was only too happy to oblige. Seems my fifties are going to be verrry interesting !!! Sometimes I wish I was 4, but then I realise that I wouldn't appreciate the wonder of it by being it. Such is life. Ryan is totally adorable. xx

  5. R=rosie cheeks
    Y= youthful
    A= adorable
    N= noone else like you

  6. Four-year-olds are my very favorite. I remember when each of mine were that age, I dearly wished they would stay that way for years and years. What a sweetie pie. :)

  7. There have been many times I've forgotten my name :P

    I think it was my entire twenties!!

    he's adorable. One of my favorite little guys!


  8. kj, Ryan looks a lot like my little guy; I wonder if all three year olds look somewhat alike?

    Ryan's adorable. I'll bet he's looking forward to the Easter Bunny!

  9. Dear KJ,

    Allegra had the correct answer!
    Ryan IS adorable! Four is a great age....and it's such fun for you to experience the world through his eyes.

    Love You!

    ♥ Robin ♥

  10. allegra, A is also for astute and and awesome and appreciated friend.

    mark, i like your comment even though i don't get it... :)

    mim, i pull his hair for relaxation and kiss him while he squirms.

    cs, yes, i love witnessing how those little minds work. miraculous, really. xox

    aww, jos, that is so darling. these are the relationships that carry and cure us, right? xox


    O one of a kind
    U universally loved and admired
    L lively!

    pam, mr. ryan just turned 3. i coul listen to him all day, except last week he told me to 'chill down' while i was complaining about something. :)

    lo, hee hee hee. i----- knowwwwww.

    marion, i see mr ryan tomorrow at baby drew's first birthday party. drew started walking this week. the sun has arrived. enjoy your weekend, my dearest friend. love to you. xoxo

    robin, i have kids in my life these days like i never expected. i have children as clients. we sit on the floor, we play and giggle, and i get my share of hugs. xoxo

  11. I love that Ryan, he is Adorable, Beautiful and Darling and let's not forget Cute. Give him a kiss for me.

  12. What a cutie patootie! If they would only stay this cute forever!!!
    They grow up too fast.
    But then they have cuties of their own and the circle continues.
    Small children are what makes life worth living.
    Have a great weekend.
    Make sure you "chill down" every chance you get!!;-D

  13. i love little boys!
    what a sweetheart. makes me miss when my three sons were small.

    oh have so much fun at the birthday tomorrow kj! one year old?! so special.

    ♥ lori

  14. What a face! I'd love to give him a big smoochie on the forehead and both cheeks, but I'll let you do that for me.
    I love that age, four years old. Before the world and their peers start to change them. Thanks for reminding me of that wonderful time when my son was that age, dear friend. My little boy will be 19 this year, and I don't often catch glimpses of the sweet little boy he once was.

    This also reminds me of another little boy of four I knew once, back in the mid 1980s. After watching a huge gaggle of Canadian geese fly overhead, he turned to his father and asked, "When I grow up, can I be a goose?"

    At four, everything seems possible. My wish for your little Ryan is that he dreams big dreams, and lives the best and happiest life possible.

    Love and hugs,

  15. KJ, Drew is turning one? And walking? You and your Family are going to have a WONDERFUL (and very BUSY) Easter weekend! I hope Emily "behaves" and leaves some of the jellybeans for the boys...



    ♥ Robin ♥

  16. annie, who doesn't brag about kids they love but i will also say mr. ryan seems incredibly smart and aware, in my 'objective' opinion. it is so fun to see how he sees things. :)

    marie, 'chill down' sounds just right! my weather is now kicking in and helping, full force. spring is a great time where i live: so many farms and fresh seedlings and plants and flowers and vegetables. i am on my way to your place soon. xo

    lori, how did you do it???? i had one feisty daughter and my hands were so full! i think of you with your five beautiful children, then and now, and i give you a ton of credit! i bet they all they you are the best Mom on the planet. xoxo

    angela, imagine living in a way that you think you can be a goose, can fly someday. i want that! how do we hold on to the wonder? and more importantly, why do we lose it in the first place?! (happy easter my dear twin)

    wrobin, yes, drew is one! where did this year go? (don't ask..) :)
    the weekend is shaping up so sweetly except JB, who was sick, is now sick again and we're wondering if it's pneumonia. she sees the doc this afternoon. oh jeez...

    ♥ everyone: i love love love your visits and comments; every single one.

  17. I agree with Allegra!
    Cute post cute little fellow!!!!

    have a wonderful Easter!!!!

  18. OK but when it comes to bragging. I am number one ... well me and William / Ollie. We are the biz/boz ... we are because they say so ... so there. (and I agree ) xx

  19. marianne, happy easter to emily's best friend. i hope you and your family have a blessed and fun weekend. xoxox

    jos, revel in your # 1-dom! you deserve it!

  20. Oh, how cute is that?!? I love some of the questions little kids ask.

    Thank you for your most wonderful comment on my blog. I hadn't thought about how I use blue. Of course, now I'll pay attention...

    Have a very Happy Easter with lots of Easter candy!!

    Love, Silke

  21. Hi Kj, How cute, bless him so much!

    Hope you're having an amazing weekend!



  22. I love looking at Ryan's cute face.
    Such joy!

    What a very nice thing to say about my pieces. Wouldn't that be lovely kj? I can see them in there too. Hint, hint, Metropolitan, like they read my blog, heeeheee!
    I am just glowing, you made me smile big!
    Happy Easter to you too my dear, may it be filled with tons of family love.

  23. Sending JB some hugs and I hope she gets well fast. xoxo
    And yes, Ryan is Smart too!

  24. Mr. Ryan is one sharp kiddo!
    When Jack was 3 he told his Mom that he wants to live with her forever,,,even when he's a Dad. He's four now, and still says the same thing.
    Here's hoping NO pnemonia is in the works,,,poor JB!
    Happy bday parteeeee!

  25. I TOTALLY second Allegra.. A as in Adorable... what a lovely way to put it.. and that is a super duper pic of Mr. Ryan... :-) but then, he is such a good looking boy!

  26. wow!
    such a great question!
    kiss him for me...