Thursday, July 02, 2009

We've Arrived: Provincetown '09

Day One
4:30-9:30 pm


  1. Beautiful sky photos. Have fun!!!

  2. Pretty pretty! Love the photos against your background color. Yummy.

  3. Oh so serene...wish I was there....awwwww

    Hugs xoxox Sonia

  4. nice pics and lovely sun :) happy travels.

  5. I'm so glad to hear you made it safely. Now enjoy!

  6. love the photo of the bicycle, have fun.

  7. Now that Renee has set the mood for the Cantina Party...we will have to keep a close eye on her...she will be around sugar AND alcohol. And two slits. She will be wearing the giant straw mexican hat. I will be wearing the orthopedic swimsuit.

  8. Ooh cozy? Do you own that house? I love a squishy couch

  9. annie, it's totally beautiful here, including an ocean breeze that's as good as an one massage..

    deborah, okay, two slits. i'm coming. sit me between you and renee at the pool if possible, :)

    debra kay, thank you. xo

    sonia, serene and wild at the same time. i plan to write this summer, second novel...

    get zapped, thanks for dropping's time i headed your way too.

    cs, i made it. it's all good. i'm thinking of you, i owe you an email. xo

    mim, it's pretty damn good!

    soulbrush, i like the bicycle shot too. first bike i've had in 30 years.

    baino, it's a house divided into 3 condos. we're in the middle unit and we own it. we're one block from the bay. and the couch is a sectional that squishes and holds six or so chatterboxes very comfortably. when you come, you should ask me to take you to ptown...xo

  10. Slits???????
    I'm completely lost here.

    Please explain.