Saturday, July 11, 2009

Six Word Saturday

Glide, her heart said. Just Glide...


  1. hope she listened
    to her heart

  2. Awesome. :)

    Just read your last post and your time in P-town sounds divine and well-deserved! I edited for two hours today and it felt great -- I cried when I finished the first draft last summer and when I read a scene at BY last year ... it's all to be expected and means you're writing from your *heart*. Have fun, my friend!

  3. Beautiful,,,words and photo both.

    Such strength in water,,,to calm and sooth, even in the midst of a storm. Powerful medicine the sea.

    If I were a writer I'd be able to tell you about a thunderstorm I once experienced on the beach. I wish I had the words,,,but maybe you've been there.

  4. hello marianne, how are you? i hear about you non-stop from you know who...and i don't mind one bit!

    soulbrush, yes, she listens to her heart. even when she's lost, she listens...

    mim, you're rather brief today! :)

    melissa, hello friend! i'm so happy to hear about your edits. i'm just writing my story without thinking about it. i took this writing course and it talked about 'shitty first drafts'--emphasizing how important it is to write without polishing the first time around. i will be so glad to write with you again in sept. love you!

    babs, yes, i think i've been there too, babs, but i would love to read your words about your own experience. might you write it whether you think you can write or not? :)

  5. Loving all the photos on your blog. So lovely and peaceful. Just like your six words. Thanks for playing!

  6. Wow! Too beautiful, I really feel so serene!
    I will listen to the sea...
    I will ponder to the sea....
    I will walk by the sea......
    I will write some poem by name of blue sea.......
    I will surrender myself to you dear blue sea.......
    I love you blue bea.....
    I love your dedication KJ!

  7. can't see the pic but the words touch deep...
    needed them!