Saturday, July 04, 2009

Six Word Saturday: Happy Birthday Best Friend

Happy Birthday to my BestFriend Marianne

It's me, Emily.
Marianne is the best friend. She always says nice things, she encourages me to play, she doesn't mind when I cry, she doesn't tattle tale, she is an artist, she is generous, she understands the importance of jellybeans and temper tantrums, she is reliable, she calls me dear and I like that, she is loyal, and no matter who else is nice to her, I know I will be her best friend and she will be my best friend for life and I like that because then I can relax and not worry about things not turning out okay.
Please do me a favor and stop by Marianne's blog and wish her a happy birthday. Even if she doesn't know you, please do this because it will be a birthday present from me if even strangers are nice to her and I will like that and she will too.
Plus kj says she has one of the nicest looking blogs in all of blogland and I think so too.
I kind of love Marianne. I want her to have a happy birthday and be very happy all day and all week. And maybe longer.
Yours Truly,

. Emily V. V. Rabbit

P.S. I made 'best friends' into one word so I would only have six words instead of seven. I thought that was very smart of me to do.


  1. Very smart to turn seven words into six... i like that kind of magic :-)

    happy bthdy to your best friend..
    I'm going to hop off to visit her now.

    best wishes

  2. wow... so much to catch up on ~ I didn't realise that I'd been away from here for so long.

    Holidays, babies and much more.
    It's all looking fabulous :-)

    xx must away and do the bthdy wishing now

  3. back again... blogger won't let me visit your best mate, so I'll try again another day.

    enjoy your sunshine as I'm enjoying our winter :-)

  4. marianne: my new friend ribbon tried. can you tell?


  5. I was so surprised to see you out and about on a Saturday Emily.

    But it was a pleasant surprise.

    Beautiful pictures from your beautiful friend.

    Love Renee xoxo

  6. Best friends are forever :)

  7. such a sweet post emily. and so happy you told me about her birthday, i never knew. you are one cuteypatootie (one word)

  8. OMG!!!!!!!
    Not only are you the smartest friend but the best one!!!!!!
    Yippie, what a surprise.
    My friends (not best ones of course) just left and it is still 45 minutes my birthday so I sit here and unwind and relax after a busy but nice day and what did I see?! All kinds of birthday wishes from friends, my best friend (you) and people who were send over to me by you!
    And this wonderful post for me!
    I feel so honored, blessed and happy!
    What a birthday surprise!
    You know what my son showed me today? A bag of jellybeans, no kidding. He found them in the supermarket where they had an American theme (I bought the American crunchy peanut butter, which I love very much, but I didn't notice the jellybeans.......
    According to my son they are SUPER and he knows , he is an expert in eating candy!
    He has braces and when he got them the dentist told him not to eat candy and drink Coke. But do you think he listened? No of course not.(I never listened when I had his age and I still have difficulty doing so now, so I know he can't help it, it is in his genes))I wonder if he will still have teeth when his braces go out in September.....................
    I hope he will let me try the jellybeans. If there are still any left tomorrow, because he eats candy faster than lightning.
    Hope you enjoy the 4th of July over there in Provincetown!
    Hope KJ lets you eat jellybeans like crazy today! It is after all party time!

    Love >M<

  9. very smart emily!

    Emily - did you know that KJ was a book selling virgin and I was the lucky gal to move her into the "real" world (euphemisms galore) wow - what an honor!

  10. Emily, I will go and say happy birthday to your best friend.
    Happy Saturday :-).

  11. Friends are what makes life worth living aren't they...dropped by via snowbrush's blog...

  12. reproved for gender specific identity


  13. i mailed a birthday gift to your best friend before I moved away. I'm going to stop by to see if she liked it and if she had a nice day!

    You're very thoughtful Emily!


  14. These gifts are super cute and cool. You are really lucky KJ!
    Happy Birthday to Marianne too:)