Thursday, July 09, 2009

Provincetown: Week 2

It's the beginning of my second week in Provincetown. For the next few weeks, along with JB, I will leave my job early each Wednesday afternoon, pick up Stella , pack an overnight bag, and drive three and half hours until we reach the very tip of Cape Cod. That is Provincetown. We'll stay until Sunday, when we'll head back for another three days of work. And then, we'll head out, until we land here again, at the land's end.
We'll have company most of the summer. This week our friend Liz is here, all of us unwinding and relaxing and laughing pretty much non-stop. We went to bed last night knowing each of us had not one thing demanding attention, requiring energy, or weighing us down. So our steps were light when we converged on the red couch this morning.
And from there we've taken ourselves out to breakfast, shopped for sneakers, strolled through a hidden zen garden, looked at books, read the newspaper, blogged and surfed the net, fell asleep at the Herring Cove beach, shopped for fruit and ice cream, and now, we are all three back, relaxing, catching up, preparing for an unplanned night that may involve doing nothing or may lean toward joining the hustle-bustle of Commercial Street.
I will write for two hours before I end my day. That's my promise to myself and here it is an easy promise to keep. I have also promised myself that I will end this summer having done everything I can to be happy and healthy. Happy means I cooperate with letting go of the past and the way I hoped and wanted things to be, and healthy means I keep helping my body look and feel better.
I'm going to cry some writing this second novel. Now that I've taken a few writing courses, I understand that's to be expected. But I feel very excited and hopeful about it all. I will be summoning tenderness and balance and memory and imagination to the colors and words that await me this summer, and that means my passion's back. I was afraid I'd lost it, that I wouldn't get it back. But today, still on this red couch, with JB on the patio reading the Boston Globe, Stella resting after a walk around the block, and Liz teaching herself how to upload her photos, I think that passion within me is ready for another chance. I'm so damn glad.


  1. KJ, you sound so happy. What a beautiful place you get to go and hang out with friends. Good luck with the new book! xoxo

  2. annie, you and i are at our cores optimists, don't you think? if i sound happy, it's because i want to be. xo

  3. Oh God, Girl, I love passion...And I can hear it, feel it...see it in the colors of this page! Enjoy, live, love ,laugh....

    Clink! Cheers to all of you!

  4. oh. my. god. it's my beloved singleton! speaking of passion...i miss you girl. how the hell are you? i'm heading over to your blog this very second. did i already tell you i miss you?


  5. nice photographs

    2 hours everyday writing!?!?!

    I would only say great determination. Best of luck for your second novel.

  6. i LOVE Herring cove beach. We often ride our bikes there after flying to race point airport - so next time (if it EVER stops raining) I'll wear a carnation in my non-existent buttonhole so you can find me. You wear a funny hat OK?
    You do sound relaxed and happy and as an optimist - that's even better

  7. Hello! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog to introduce yourself. I appreciate your lovely comments! (Isn't Renee the most incredible person?!? She brings out the best in me.)

    Your schedule for the summer sounds so relaxing. Being in beautiful surroundings with the people, animals and things you love - what's better than that?
    I'll be stopping by again, and hope you visit me again soon, too.

    Best wishes from Wisconsin, (where we have Door County, our smaller version of Cape Cod)

  8. Second week already? Wow. Looks and sounds perfect KJ.

    I may be sitting on that red couch this year!
    You never know ;)


  9. wow 2 wks...goes by so fast doesnt it. Im glad you are relaxing and so deserve a nice vacay...

    Love ya xoxox S

  10. Oh KJ, it's lovely to be back here - I've had the most awful time lately, trying to get into many of my friends' blogs only to have my computer freeze up. Talk about 'road rage' - mine is directed at this electronic thing sitting on my desk!

    It sounds like you're having a magical time - and if your creative passion is returning, well so much the better. Wonderful, wonderful news!

  11. Wonderful kj. Welcome back.


  12. YAHOO! Beautiful summer spot and your passion is back!!! YAHOO! could life get much better?

  13. Well if anywhere should provide inspiration, it's there. You go girl!

  14. shubhajit, i strive for 2 hours a day but often i fall short. but sometimes i can write for 8 hours straight. most days i love to write, but sometimes it's like wrestling an aligator!

    oh mim, i'll be looking for you. be sure of that! and when i see you i will break into a full gallop, arms outstretched!

    hello angela, it's very nice to see you here. thank you for coming. i will visit your blog often with pleasure! yes, ms. renee is incredible.

    lo! are you close? i can't wait to see you on this red couch. i know you will love it. xoxo

    sonia, haha, at least i'm not on vacay with the inlaws haha (sorry, i can't help it. you know i'm kidding....haha)

    tessa, you a such a doll. i am glad to see your avatar here. i'm having trouble staying in your blog too. but i will persevere! your blog is part of my daily routine. xo

    why thank you renee. i hope i'm back to stay--back wrapped in intention and forgiveness and hope.

    linda sue, thank you for your good wishes.

    baino, yes honey, this place is 100% inspiration. it's the light off the ocean, really... xo

  15. I'd love a "summer place", but I can't seem to take care of one little house, let alone two.

    My spots are my pergola and the stable-they are escapes from the world within that world.

    I thought about taking my laptop to the stable and writing there-there are some tables and a sitting area-but the stable is best experienced in the now with complete focus.

    Mom and Dad wanted to dine inside on the 4th and I didn't argue, it left my pergola for me and the cat and one or two dogs.

  16. debra kay, those are two fine places you have. i'll take any sanctuary--it can be as small as a corner with a stool and one candle. it was my hope i would find both peace and myself this summer, after a horrible year of confusion, and i think that search has begun. i want a happy life. i know you do too...


  17. And I am so damn glad FOR you!
    Enjoy your hassle free time.

  18. what glorious photos. yes, you do sound content, and i love the way you get out there and grab life by the balls!! (you know what i mean)> i love your dedication to your writing, i love your dedication to your beloved, and i love your dedication to yourself. you are my guru!

  19. babs, you at a lake, me at the sea: we both taking aim and creating art. reason to be grateful, for sure... tsup!

    oh soulbrush, i love you! i want to grab life by the balls, i like it that way. sometimes it leads to unsteady or dangerous ground. but it's still worth it, don't you think? i am happy to be your guru, but i think you mean emily...xo

  20. Wow that sounds so good!
    I hope all your dreams will come true (I know they will!)
    Your summerplace seems like the perfect place for inspiration.
    I love all those pictures. I love the sea and the water

    have a damn wonderful summer! Stay glad!