Sunday, July 05, 2009

Provincetown: Nightlight Day 4

The sun was out today, and so were JB and kj. We had a slow motion breakfast on the little patio outside our kitchen door, rode our bikes (no small feat after 30 years of not riding--I wobbled my way along), ate lunch outside on Commercial Street savoring the hustle-bustle, went to the beach (oh dear god, thank you, I love the beach), took Stella for a walk, brought back a take out pizza (no cooking for us today), and then, then: headed three blocks to the Fireworks.
Fireworks in Ptown are fantastic for one thing because they are shot from a boat on the bay, so the bay is the backdrop and it is all quite beautiful. And the moonlight tonight:

(Where did this guy come from? He absolutely wasn't in my shot. Part of his head is missing. How spooky...)

It was a good day. I love it here. Sunday afternoon we'll be headed back "home" for a few days of work, but we'll be back here again Wednesday night. Lucky lucky me.


  1. Happy 4th!

    We had to make a quick drive last night, and everywhere we loked there were fireworks going off. Kind of magical.

  2. Lucky you is right.

    Be good to JB today.

    Love Renee xoxo

  3. cs, fireworks are so so magical. like, okay, take me right now, it's alright...

    renee, i will. i will. xo

  4. Sounds like a magical day!
    Great shots of the fireworks, etc.
    yeah, what's up with that guy's head???

    aaaah, the ocean. I'm missing it!


  5. yes lucky you,very pretty place. that guy is wierd but the moon shots make up for him...enjoy.

  6. good stuff, kj...

    the guy with the missing piece of head is spooky!

  7. KJ....
    How beautiful...Emily..Thankie sweetie for the post...You maybe it was warlock in your picture...u know witches and do do do....Hide ur feet Emily they like lucky rabbit feet.

    Hugs and loves ...
    Sonia ;)

  8. There's something very special about fireworks over the water, you get a double whammy with the reflection. A no-cook day is a good day in my book! Lovely tour once again. Strange about the stranger in your photo, I didn't think you could get double exposures with a digital camera . . whooooo!

  9. great photos. glad you had a fun time and that the sun appeared. take care in all that bridge traffic driving home.

  10. Yes, how lucky can you be! Sounds wonderful and oh how I miss the ocean. Please blow it kisses for me. xoxo

  11. Congrats on your bike ride, it's been about that long since I rode one too.
    That chap with the funny head ... glad it wasn't tucked under his arm*!*

  12. ooooh that guy in the pic is interesting isn't he....makes you wonder....

  13. lolo! how was today? i'm walking up and down your street, waiting, pacing. the muffins have gotten stale. the balloons have deflated. but i'm still there, thinking 'she's my friend and i'll get to hug her and grin.'

    yay! yipee!

  14. soulbrush, you would like ptown. you would paint to your heart's content. xo

    thanks wolfie. it's always nice to see you here. xo

    darn it sonia, you scared emily and she's hiding in the closet, but not before she emptied it and left a big mess in the hallway. she says her feet are in danger. oh well, good thing i love you anyway.... :)

    baino, i was thinking of you while i was trying to figure out my camera. i just didn't know what to do to get the night shots, especially the glimmer and shimmer of the moon over the water. class needed for me too. xo

    suki, it took @@#$$%# five hours to get home! should have been 3, 3.5 tops. next week it's either leave earlier or later. but still, it's all worth it.

    annie, next week i will stand at race point and blow kisses on your behalf... xo

    bimbimbie, i was both a scardy cat and a proud one for riding my bike. i'm hoping it will help my legs via the long standing kjbabe project... :)

    chrisy, it totally made me wonder. the guy was no where near any shot i took. and then tonight i was outside and saw a star or some white light moving, moving across the sky. i know it wasn't a plane...still, i don't mind mysteries like this. :)

  15. was that guy a ghost? I am still scared of hobgoblins :)

    Beaches are good and have heard lot of it from friends but i never visited one.

    You are wandering at night and catch different glimpse of night! You are different indeed.

  16. It appears you it was a very nice day over there, and that you enjoy yourselves very much. I am glad you did. The photographs transmit a happy calm to me.
    KJ, I wanted to thank you for the great comments you left in my web, and I am certainly starting to come here often to enjoy the kinds of pictures and stories you post, from which I have seen very little so far.
    Take care

  17. beautiful looking spot you landed yourself in KJ.

  18. "(Where did this guy come from? He absolutely wasn't in my shot. Part of his head is missing. How spooky...)"

    You have to be pretty sangfroid, I should think, to have a headless stranger appear in your photos, and you take so little note of it. Obviously, he died in a ghastly accident, and is seeking an understanding counselor to help him come to terms with his inability (due to his partially headless condition) to attract female ghosts with whom to have a long-term--or even a short-term--relationship.

    I've no doubt but what you're just the person for the job, and that Emily is just the rabbit to assist you with it. There's just something about Emily that makes her easy to talk to. Maybe, we should all have such big ears.

  19. oh my - snowbrush makes me laugh. Exactly what I was thinking - especially the sangfroid. too funny!
    Glad you had fun - did I ever tell you about the time I got stuck on Ptown on the 4th??? if not...there's a post in there...

  20. Very lovely pix and it looks like you had a wonderful time!