Monday, July 27, 2009

Provincetown: Houses

Is anybody getting tired of Provincetown, Provincetown, Provincetown? I'm willing to say thank you for your indulgence but I must say I'm having a ball with my camera here. It's one great scene after another.
So today we're taking a quick stroll past some of the houses along this sea-shore. But be prepared for an added twist: would you consider moving along with jb and me onto Blogland Lane? And if you did move onto Blogland Lane, what would your house look like? Don't limit yourself to the houses I'm showing here. Maybe you want a big red barn or a Newport Mansion, or a cottage by the lake. I'm asking you to think about this because a couple of years ago a blogger named Caroline Smailes established a virtual neighborhood and many of us moved right in. And I, Ms. kj, am thinking very seriously of inviting you to claim your plot and settle into your new house and our wonderful neighborhood on Blogland Lane.
Meanwhile, it is my pleasure to introduce the Houses of Provincetown:

. .
It's possible one of these houses may be my choice of homes on Blogland Lane. Then again, I may decide to design my own. Stay tuned please. :)


  1. I may want the little place that says "Poppy" on it... it drew me in first. :)

  2. I like both the gingerbreadish one and the tiny one with tuquise shutters. But the last one scares me a little.

  3. barbara, it's pretty sweet. it's yours if you want it. but start thinking about the yard and setting.... :)

    cs, i know you'll end up with neither of these houses. i think you'll design your own. and what a yard you'll create! i wonder if i'll be able to see your house from my kitchen window?

  4. I want a tiny cape right on the sea. maybe a tiny garden but mostly sand. And white furniture and blowing-in-the-wind blue curtains. No rugs. One bedroom, one bath, big living room-kitchen-art room all mixed together. Loft. Lots of open windows. But a fireplace for cold nights. Down comforters all puffy and warm. Magic coffeepot, all steamy and hot in the morning. Long walks on the beach with the leggy lab puppy. Sunshine and blueness.

    love, Mim

  5. And books piled everywhere. and magazines. and a long comfy sofa for naps.

  6. mim,i'll be hanging out at your place. want to live next door to eachother?

  7. OH!
    I'll have what Mim's having!
    Only I'll need a small warm rug at the bed for my tootsies.
    And make it a tiny kitchen,,,for only tiny cooking, and only if I really really want to.
    I love this place already, and I love this post!
    Thanks kj,,,,and for the photos too,,,I never get tired of seeing magical houses, and these truly are. Not so much the Marilyn, but that's okay.

  8. kj,
    you took some real amazing shots. I love your updared blog. simply spectacular talk to you soon.


  9. all are beautiful. It is like a dream.

  10. Something overlooking the water would be fine........
    Does the one with the huge flag have a seaview?
    Well I like them all

    Have a nice day!

  11. kj you cracked me up with your comment!! you can say whatever you like on my blog, you are always so very welcome.

    I love it that everyone here wants a home that's cosy and full of beautiful nurturing things. I'm the same.

    I'd want sun in my kitchen and a big wooden table where I can have everyone over for dinner.

    I'd want a view from my kitchen window to the vegetable patch where I grow more tomatoes and basil than I can possibly use myself. When you come to visit you'll leave with arms laden with fresh fruit and veggies and home baked muffins.

    I'll have a small study that overlooks the ocean and I'll spend many hours sitting at my desk, writing.

    Oh I could go on for hours...there'll be spare rooms for the girls to come and visit. And Chris will have a huge shed where he can keep all his junk!!

  12. Magic houses have magic settings. Sometimes we are neighbors...sometimes we have all the solitude we need - lovely ain't it?

  13. They are fantastic. I'm going to Google tomorrow and send you my dream home and I think it would sit well in Provincetown . . and no, not tired of visiting at all . .at all.

    Actually . . I'd like to have you all over for a barbecue . .hot day . .fab food . .loads of wine . .get totally pixellated and crash for the night after watching a movie that makes us all cry.

    There . .you're all invited and all at once and bring your cossies. But make it January . . .and bring your sunscreen . .I have the mozze repellant and the lizards don't bite!

  14. Any of the ones with a sitting porch would be just fine by me, no matter where they were located. Especially that unique first one.

  15. babs, you'll make it as cozy as your lake cottage. maybe i will cook for you one night a week.

    hello cam! ask your parents if they want a place on blogland lane. you know you're all welcome and what fun we'll have! xoxo

    shubhajit, thank you as always.

    marianne, the one is the huge flag is ON the water. actually it's IN the water, on posts and piles. you sit in the large livingroom/kitchen and water surrounds you on three sides! xo

    kate, keep planning girl. and when you choose your location, i hope it's not too far from me. i;d like to be able to walk over for coffee and take home tomatoes and basil.

    mim, maybe you'll want the hillside place with all that land .... :)

    baino, would you mind hosting the community barbeque(s)? i promise i'll help.... xoxo

    ah, walking man, when you don't mind i will be visiting you on your porch and we will talk philosophy and shop into the night. i'll bring cookies and brownies. i will like spending time with you....

  16. note to my beloved lolo: do you recognize one of these photos? i think it's a 'sister' :)

  17. Just when I think you have shown us every gorgeous nook and cranny, you have more fabulous photos of Provincetown. What a beautiful place!

    My house would be a very colorful cottage, with a wildly beautiful garden of native flowers, garden sculptures, and a studio/gallery. I'd bake tea bread and scones to offer visitors to my home/studio/gallery, and I'd greet them barefoot, wearing flowing gowns and funky jewelry I've made. I'd be in crone heaven!


  18. Oh Poppy by the sea, you are made for me.


  19. Blogland Lane sounds like a good project. A similar concept was MOOs and MUDs-Multi User Domains where people were given certain programming permissions and a virtual "world" was created by all. Unfortunately, most of the people were better programmers than writers. I could write, but programming was not my strong point.

    Sherry Turkle wrote the definitive work (at the time) called "Life on the Screen" because most of the worlds were "fantasy worlds" and she dealt with the social implications of living in fantasy world. YOUR idea puts a twist on it-with graphics and words, and a least a touch of reality by asserting "this is where I would like to live".

    Sorry if that's TMI and I'm overthinking it-it's just you pushed one of my buttons I'd forgotten I even had.

  20. I'll take the yellow house with the big porch and the wild yard! Must have a porch, the rest is just empty space. Great, fun post!! Blessings!

  21. Homes and houses are too hard to talk about today, but you know I loved every one of these photos.

    I did a double take on the two side by side. The 'sisters' are in that style but I'm not sure that's them.

    I'm chillin' for a few days away from the phone and blogs but I may leave a comment for folks here and there.
    It's just been too much lately. Just too much.
    But Christ, look what Renee and her family are going through.Who am I to complain?

    I'll catch you here and there. I sent you an email ;)


  22. love all your pictures of provincetown. and will never tire of them.

  23. And you've even been changing to P-Town headers. Nice ;)

  24. Oh Love it KJ...Love the photos you take...Especially the Poppy one..My Dads nicname from the kids and friends was Poppy we all called him that.....Can I keep that picture? LOL

    Love ya sweetie...TY for your motivation, and friendship...


  25. dear crone aka angela, why am i not surprised at your colorful cottage and yard? i would be knocking on your door often just to enjoy the art and serenity of it all. xoxo

    renee, poppy by the sea it is!

    deborah kay, please get cracking on the concept, because blogland lane is soon to open its gates...

    marion, would you mind having a couple of rocking chairs on the porch and maybe we can sit together and talk poetry?... xoxo

    lo, i'll do the complaining for you:@@@#$$%%%%&&^**(%%$!!!
    lo, when you think about where to live on blogland lane, could you please think about being very close to me? xoxo

    suki, i feel the same way about your photos.

    sonia, do you want me to send you an email attachment of the poppy photo? renee might be moving in there. haha. love you back, how are you doing? xoxo

  26. Yellow Shutters!! no, Blue Shutters!! oh my god, these are the cutest houses i've ever seen. And what Mim said, oh dear. can i move in too? i make really yummy banana bread! ☺

  27. ps lolo said "homes and houses are too hard to talk about today." Ditto for me. The very though of homes and houses makes me feel nauseated at the moment. ugh. yet ordinarily i'd love to imagine my ideal little place.

  28. I could never get sick of P-Town or her buildings!!! Very adorable, each one with it's own special nuance ;) Love, love loving it!!! Working so much as always but thinking about you :)

  29. I took a picture of the house with the American flag on it when I was there in June! It was my patriotic. That's my choice for sure!

  30. lori ann, are you kidding? of course you can move in. get ready because the invitation's coming...

    suki, i know.... xo

    val, maybe next summer....
    i love you.

    hello lauren, how have you been? come back soon because maybe you can live in that house on blogland lane. :)

  31. I think it is an amazing place to live, or take vacations at, I have been there and enjoy the scenary a lot