Sunday, February 15, 2009

Mish Mash # 103 (or close to it)

1. Happy Belated Valentine's Day. I bought these little cards to send to a few special people and ended up mailing not even one. Still, perhaps I can convey the broadest sentiment of Valentine's Day right here right now. I say "broadest" because I can remember too many years when I felt alone, was alone, and longed for a valentine. Now I know one from a good friend or a four year old child counts just as much.
2. JB and I flew home from vacation a day early and spent yesterday at the funeral of my just-30 year old nephew. The saddest part was seeing my brother and sister-in-law enveloped by such grief and loss. I know how much they appreciated their family and friends being with them, and I am glad to have the relationship I do with my brother. I can't resist a word about gun control: New Hampshire is a state where a young man can walk into a gun shop, buy a lethal weapon without a background check, and make an impulsive decision at a tough moment. Not right.
3. Look what certain Christmas cactus decided to bloom in February instead of December:
4. I never knew cheese enchiladas weighed a half pound each. But that must be so since I ate eight mouth watering authentic enchiladas in California and gained four pounds...
5. I will not despair. I've lost close to forty pounds and two sizes on the South Beach diet, and I'll lose another twenty, until I can tuck in my shirts and strut as I wish. I finally can see the difference in how I look. I'm not there yet but honest to god, I want to be cute (more accurate substitute: hot) and fashionable.

6. I still can't get over those energy windmills in Palm Springs. I finally figured out they looked like cemetery crosses to me and that's what made me so uncomfortable. Here's a shot to show you how damn many there were in the desert: it looked like this for 2-3 miles, maybe more...

7. ...and here's a shot to show you how HUGE each one actually is.
8. Mr Ryan, who is now officially two years old, is talking in sentences. He can tell you what he's thinking, feeling, wanting, seeing. Just incredible!
9. I am enjoying the release of my book more than I ever imagined. I am going to celebrate when I reach one hundred sales, which I hope will be sometime this Spring. I have begun to concentrate on contacting independent bookstores, but soon I will be mailing copies to book reviewers throughout the U.S. And libraries. And book fairs. And special events. And signings. And readings. And book clubs. It's all good.
10. It's no secret my Christmas holidays weren't the best. Still, I pushed myself to follow many of my traditions and upon coming home two days ago JB and I were rewarded with this--in full bloom:

11. One of the characters in my new book is a woman named Claudia who has maintained a passionate affair with a married man for years. She meets him at the specialty conferences he goes to for work and dresses up in various costumes and wigs to look like an attendee and not be recognized by his colleagues. She's turning into quite an imaginative vibrant woman and I'm becoming quite fond of her.
12. I can sense Spring readying itself. There is still plenty of snow on the ground but even the trees look like they're ready to spurt. I expect the change in seasons will do me a world of good, and for that I am quite grateful!

13. A final word about Valentine's Day: my dear blogfriend Human Being sent me a valentine that included the following message: If you wake up in a red room with no windows and doors, DON'T're just in my heart.


  1. Well such a mixture of sad and glad here. But i just want to say I am so sorry about your nephew. How sad to see such a young life gone. blessings and prayers to him on his journey into the other realms.

  2. yes suki, i was aware of the mixture while writing this post. my insides feel the mixture of sad and glad quite intensely. thanks for stopping by.

  3. I completely agree with you about gun control - such an awful waste and maybe preventable if lethal weapons weren't so readily available.

    (And I believ that is, by definition, a Valentine's cactus.)

  4. So sad for your nephew's parents - and you of course as aunty.
    Happy for the success of your book .... it will fly I just know it.
    Ryan must be an intelligent wee chappie speaking full sentences at two years old. Good on him and so much fun for you!
    Glad the new book is taking hold - she sounds fascinating!
    That red amyrillis (not sure of spelling ...) is so special - and the christmas cactus - I have one that produces flowers in the exact same shade. Over here it blooms in June - go figure!

  5. I love the girl on the card trying to complete the heart bouquet. Very sweet!

    I can't even think about the grief pulsating through the family for your nephew's passing. Heartfelt prayers from my little corner. XX

    I can't wait to read about Claudia and her adventures! (And I know we all will.)

    Mr. Ryan will soon have a sibling to teach all his words to! How sweet is that? I'll bet you're one awesome Grandma :)

    Two flowering plants to welcome you home. Home misses us when we're away too long.

    Take care of yourself during all these big events and changes. Be strong. We need KJ and her fictional characters to keep us company ;)

  6. Oh so young, so sorry for you and his parents...long road to healing, if you can really truly heal....
    Anyhow, what a glorious bunch of blooms! Well grown and fabulous!
    Now, go put your feet up and relax a bit - youve got to be tired from the road... enjoy those blossoms with some tea!

  7. very tough about your nephew - so sorry to hear, and the thought of the pain that the family is going
    You must be glad to be home tho' and congrads on the incredible weight loss - that is amazing!

    Happy belated Valentines Day

  8. My heart goes out to you and your family - such a tragedy when you lose someone so young.

    Congratulations on the weight loss - well done!

    I haven't forgotten about your book review on Amazon - I've just not been shopping lately LOL

  9. What a wonderful list! I have to disagree about wind turbines though...while the fields of them in Southern Cal are a bit overwhelming (I've driven past several times), I actually think they are wonderful. And I'd rather look at windturbines off the coast than oil rigs!

    I'm so sorry about your nephew (and yay for Big Brother Mr. Ryan!). Don't get me started on gun control! I've missed you on Monday nights and now we have to wait til March. See you then!

  10. #13 ... a perfect place to be*!*

  11. I'm so sorry to hear about your nephew. Such a tragic loss, and I am saddened by the grief and unanswered questions your family must bear. My thoughts are with you.

    You have a wonderful place here. Your writing is so warm and inviting. Thank you so much for leaving a comment at my place so that I could come back here and read more about you.

    Congratulations on your existing novel and the fabulous new one just blooming!

  12. What a post, so amny different things and emotions!
    So sad for your brother , SIL and you to loose a young man so early in life....
    Hey you have published a book, how cool!
    And you have lost so much weight that much feel good.
    I am on a low carb diet since January and have lost 10 pounds, 10 more to go and then I will be on a healthy weight.
    A lot of things written I don´t get yet, but I guess that´s because I am new here.....
    The pics are great
    Take care!