Monday, February 23, 2009

Animal Wednesday: Emily Rabbit

It's me: Emily Rabbit. I've been a guest blogger before but I was not treated with proper respect and I did not make any money so I quit on the spot. I am back on a trial basis because kj told me I might benefit by showing up on Animal Wednesday. I might be reliable and I might not. It will help if I am paid with either jellybeans or dollar bills. Then again, ten dollar bills are okay too. I am also willing to give advice on any subject for thirty five cents per question.


Emily V.V. Rabbit

P.S. Don't even ask what the 'V.V.' stands for.


  1. well miss emily, you must be a fast hopper or an anxious bunny because it's, um...TUESDAY!!

    It's nice to see you though and I'm sure the group will ebrace you!

    What DOES the V.V. stand for??
    Hey, if you tell me not to do something, the rebel in me acts up :D

  2. No no. . .clearly Emily is from the South because here it is well and truly Wednesday . . .send money indeed! It'll have to be hugs and well wishes from this impoverished antipodean!

  3. hhmphff! i thought i would get extra money for being a day early.
    lolo, i am not telling you. baino,hugs and well wishes for a rabbbit??? forget it. you can't afford jellybeans???
    hhmphff again!

  4. Yeah, the economy is hitting us all pretty hard! I hadn't htought of using an animal to solicit funds - maybe one of my gerbils will help me.

  5. Happy Animal Wednesday!
    I saw you yesterday........
    I sure hope to see you more often!
    Gonna hop over to see the rest of this blog.....

  6. Why hello, Emily. My, these are tough times if they're even affecting a rabbit. I think I may have to give you jellybeans just for being cute, though. Love, your tail!

  7. ms. citizen, i don't know anything about gerbils and i don't care, but definitely they can help you raise money. people who have money like to give silly things to animals. i don't know why.(this is me, emily: i am not polite like kj. what's the use?)

    marianne, yes, i might join animal wednesday if i get enough attention. ha!

    bella, see, i knew it--you are the only nice person because you are willing to give me jellybeans. so far you are my favorite. i am going to try to be nice to you...

  8. Hooray for Emily! Good to see her again. :) I got the song lyrics wrong in my comment on the prior post ... the lyric is:

    "There are things that you know, from the way you've had to go, the way you've had to go ... and maybe soon you'll find a place to call your own. To call your home."

  9. HAW (Happy Animal Wednesday) Emily-it's ME, Oliver the Parrot. I ate a jelly bean once, didn't like the texture. Welcome, and here, have a nice crap.

    (edited by Debra Kay to add: "crap" is the sound Oliver makes for what the rest of us call grapes. They are his second favorite food, peanuts being number one).

  10. V.V.

    Very vivacious?

    I like your polka dot bra ;)
    I'm just sayin'...

  11. I do hope your pal the Easter Bunny hasn't heard of your $ demands Emily Rabbit ... we don't want that little bunny getting into the extortion business this side of Easter ;)

  12. allo allo miss emily, i qam so glad to make your acquaintance.i know what the v.v stands for . very virginal! hope to see you again next week.