Tuesday, January 20, 2009


From every town and corner and possible place
They like I came with a full force wish
That the world will change today:
That voices will soften
And resolve will harden
And we the people will look to ourselves,
Extend a hand, yes,
Open an ear, yes
But start and end in our own gardens.
Move from words to wisdom:
Self reliance. Wide compassion.
Hard work. Inclusion. Acceptance.
This is what may have changed today.
This is the road forward,
And count me in.


  1. Such an amazing day ... I am still a little in awe. :)

  2. What an amazing crowd! It reminded me of the crowd during Hurricane Katrina in front of the Superdome.Just the same, Oprah Winfrey cried.

  3. Me, too! Yay!!!!!

  4. My congratulations with your new President, KJ. We have seen the inauguration ceremony yesterday on television and I admired very much the powerful speech Mr. Obama gave (all by heart). Let's wish him wisdom and strength for his difficult job.

  5. kj I certainly hope . . he has a complete disaster to repair but seeing all those faces on the news was fantastic (just finished watching the inauguration speech). It will take him 8 years to do what he needs to do so I really hope he and his government can carry the can. Congratulations America.

  6. Thank heaven the toad has left the building!

  7. LOL, Milady. ;)

    KJ -- we need to start a campaign to get Milady to BY ...

  8. Hi KJ, January has been a blur of illness and migraines. I was so thrilled to see your book! WooHoo!

    I loved your poem and will get your book soon. XXOO

  9. we saw it all on the news here, i adore his family and his two daughters, i hope they can stay 'normal' throughout the coming years.

  10. amen! Thank you for the postcard kj, It is so beautifully crafted by Bill I presume and I just love it, really makes the image pop! can't wait to see youse :)

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