Saturday, October 11, 2008

Saturday in the Hill Towns

I live near a dozen or more small towns that together are called the "Hill Towns". Each of them has a fall festival, but one--Ashfield--is small town terrific. It seems like every member of the community contributes in some way: there are miles of home made desserts, open churches, local artisans, music, food tents, and plenty of makeshift parking and seating.

The pictures that follow were taken in a three hour period today, on the way to, during and from the Ashfield Fair. You might notice this very moment is peak foliage season. I wish you could see the vibrant colors in the trees through your own eyes instead of through my camera. Stunning.

(These farm fresh red peppers are
dedicated to their biggest fan
Some people found a quiet rock to lean against,
and others couldn't put their cameras down...


  1. Chomp chomp chomp! If I lived in New England I will be fat from eating all those fresh produce. On second thought, I'd be skinny because I'd just wander until I find a quiet place to draw. The trees are luvlie!

  2. How wonderful these pictures are! This is probably my favorite time of the year in New England (well - I do love spring, too). I was just thinking today how I never lose my wonder at the colors of the trees in autumn. They are just so riotous and splendid... it's such such a gift from Nature to hold us through the bleak winter. I think perhaps you are a bit ahead of us as far as the peak weekend goes - I am guessing that next weekend will be it for us. I hope you're well :> xoxo - Carla

  3. ces, today you would have eaten fresh blueberry cobbler and fried dough with fresh maple butter.

    carla, hello! time for lunch, i think?... :)

  4. Well it is nearly lunchtime downunder and those pies look pretty delish. You're so lucky to have autumn, it's barely noticeable here except for a few European imports. I have a huge maple in my garden but it just goes a yellowy orange, not flaming like yours. It's a beautiful part of the world!

  5. baino, i'm a city girl and i can't believe i now live here among farms and land and open skies. there is less stress here than i am used to, and i am most appreciative.


  6. Thanks for all the stunning autumnal eye candy!

  7. Yes KJ - time for lunch... and hopefully soon :>

  8. Great variation of pictures you are treating us to here!
    A fall festival: sounds like a pretty great idea!

  9. Amazing!

    I LOVE your photo posts :D

  10. I wanna go home!!! (that's what these photos make me think in my head and heart) Gorgeous! Thank you, KJ, for bringing New England to me this morning. :)

  11. kay, eye candy indeed.

    carla, yay!

    pieterbie, how nice of you to stop by. this area is brimming with fall festivals.

    miladysa, these kinds of events take me back to a time and place of small town innocence.

    melissa, fortunately, you live in an equally rustic rural area. i always smile when i think of your round windows to the woods.

  12. Beautiful! And I love maple.