Saturday, August 09, 2008

Provincetown Finale

. I can't have you thinking the town is all beach and sky and sand dunes. After all, this is a tourist town. Sometimes Commercial Street is so crowded, it feels like a stadium. But veer off one block in any direction and you are walking past weathered shingles and cared-for gardens. The following few pictures are nothing special, just a couple of steps away from me and the sea.

She is hidden in an alley, to the right of the entrance to a gay men's club. She's not more than three or four feet long and I don't know her story or how she got there, but when you discover her for the first time, it's pretty cool.

Here's the view as jb and I order and devoured three trays of lightly crusted tuna sushi. I have at least four favorite restaurants in Provincetown and this is one of them.
How I Spent My Summer Vacation: by kj and jb.
,jb, sat at this little desk and designed and decoupaged planters.
I, kj, stretched out in the far corner of the couch and edited the story of Alex and Lily.
We, jb and kj, then went to the beach and ate almost every single meal out.

And when it was over, we packed our suitcases with the sand and the sea...


  1. Thanks kj I've travelled vicariously to Provincetown and thoroughly enjoyed the trip!

  2. Pretty sights. You should do an Autumn and Winter in Provincetown!

  3. what lives in those little birdhouses stuck on the side of that human-house..??

  4. Ah, it's over? Looks like a purely wonderful trip. Why didn't you take me along?

  5. baino, i'm delighted to have been your escort!

    ces, just as beautiful, although there are not enough trees to create the overpowering color splashes of a new england fall.

    gledwood, birds!!!!

    cs, because you were too busy having the time of your life!

  6. oh very beautiful...
    thanks for all the posts on Provincetown... they were all so coooool...

    happy you had a marvelous vacation...