Tuesday, April 01, 2008


April is Poetry Month. And since the trauma of learning about the actual craft of writing poetry, I've decided to join the fun and write a poem a day throughout April.
You may remember my surprise in learning that rhymed poetry is passe! So last night at my writing group when the prompt was a little rhyme from Emily Dickinson, I jumped at the chance to rhyme once again.
Flight in Rhyme

I dwell inside the foyer

And crouch along the wall

Waiting for a miracle

To break my gruesome fall.

Out the window three blue foxgloves

Sway and wave as though

I could be that free too

If I would just let go..

You see, I really try to welcome fate

I don’t complain when it is late

I spread my fingers and willingly wait

But I’ll be damned: what does abate

Is often hope instead of doubt

I wonder why I shrink just then

The foxgloves bid me to spread wide

But I forget to bend.

That foyer has an open door

Where visitors pass by

I often smile with open arms

And greet them eye to eye.

They tell me I am whole and fit

I tell them hardly, then I sit.

But they persist until I might

Flap my wings and pray for flight.

I could walk out the door

Into the light

I could raise my chin

And raise up my sight.

I could give up first

And sit down last.

I could whisper thank you

In the silver grass.

I could even agree

To heal my amends

And bypass the beginning

Until I get to the end.

I could and I would

I should and I might

Forget about shudders

And fly into the night!


  1. Spread your wings
    Go see new things
    Fly high and proud
    Above the crowd
    Feel no strife
    In your free-bird life.

  2. I would love to be a free blue Foxglove :-D

    There is nothing to compare to a bit of rhyme!

  3. I admire your way with words!

  4. Just jump out of the window!
    It's better than staying in limbo ...

  5. I like that. And what are song lyrics but rhyming poetry.

  6. Are you a bird or a bat?
    From reading your lines,
    I could not fathom that.

  7. I could be that free too
    If I would just let go..

    The foxgloves bid me to spread wide
    But I forget to bend.

    Those were my 2 favorite lines on Monday night and they are my favorites now.

    Can I just say again how much I LOVE Mondays??

  8. I like to rhyme
    It takes more time
    To say it just right
    But your words take flight!

  9. I'm glad to see that you're writing a poem a day this month too!

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