Friday, February 29, 2008

Thursday 13 on Friday Mish Mash

I just have to psych myself up for a change in seasons. So I am taking the liberty of posting photos that make me feel good--with my apology for the ones that I've already shown multiple times.
For starts: there is a farm down the road that displays a blow-up scene for every holiday and then some. Some are better than others. This is for-------Easter!

JB and I live at # 9. One of the first things I will do when the ground thaws is plant pansies in this space at the edge of the driveway. Then, after Memorial Day in May, I will plant lettuce here.
This is what my backyard will look like once I get going. I love to plant and putter. I even like to clean up.

I can't tell you the name of this flower but I do know blue flowers are relatively rare, and both the bees and myself like this one alot.

I live in a college town surrounded by farms and farmland. All spring, summer and fall we will flow with the local produce. This year a very large food cooperative is opening up, a great way to support local farmers, and I'm looking forward to shopping there. But I also never pass up an opportunity to stop at a little stand on the side of the road.

This peace lily is from Ces, and I think my father has also blessed it from heaven. The white flowers on it just keep coming.

I love tucking ornaments and other surprises here and there in the yard.

This is where my garden will be. In the background is jb's Magic Cottage, where she does her artwork and plays like a five year old.

It's in a Rest Home, but my mother's room is nothing if not cozy. It's all working out so well (thank you, thank you).

Just driving along the back roads, this is a typical scene. Okay, perhaps not totally typical, but kind of typical.....

And my favorite: how about this beautiful cauliflower? I keep posting it because I just love the way it looks....

Is this really a Thursday 13? I have no idea.......


  1. Wonderful, KJ! What a bright and inspiring 13 -- I especially like the fruit bowl ... made my mouth water. Hooray for local farms! And I love the garden surprises. I used to work for some friends and I did a lot of weeding in their extraordinary gardens. As I worked I would uncover bits of pottery and buttons and worn glass that they had tossed into the garden beds for fun.

  2. Very uplifting 13. Thank you :)

  3. Ohhh! How I love these glimpses into the world of my blogging friends!

    I want a magic cottage! My little girl has grown to big for her wooden playhouse and we are having a new two storey one built for her. Shhh though, it's a surprise :-D

    I love your garden and the 'blow ups' are sweet.

    Over here a 'yard' is either a measurement of length or a flagged area :-D

  4. Enjoyed the photos. You've doone a lot of work on your yard! And those berries look heavenly.

  5. I love the cauliflower. I've still got purple cabbage in my front whiskey barrel-I can't stand pulling it up yet because it's so happy there.

    If you get a chance, come to either blog and see my puppy. Guaranteed to bring a smile.

  6. Love this cool collection of photos. A real feel good post indeed.

  7. All your sunny warm weather pictures have transported me from this wet snowy New England day to a happy place in summer! It won't be too much longer... right? Thank you for this bright and cheerful post:>

  8. You posted this back in February? Where was I? Why didn't you tell me? What day is it?

    You're sure looking forward to Spring KJ :)

  9. lovely pix, i really enjoyed seeing everything! Glad your mom is doing well in her new abode too!