Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving Thursday 13: Part 2

I wrote the following post exactly one year ago. I still stand by it, so here it is again:

No humorous today: my Thanksgiving post is based on how quickly and unexpectedly things can change. I'm taking the opportunity to offer my very own advice about thanks-giving.If the shoe fits and the wind blows in any or all of these, please considering moving quickly. Move Quickly. It's the little putting-offs that causes big regrets.
1. Make the Call I have 3 people I think about often. And yet, sometimes months and years go by and I do nothing. This Thanksgiving I will make the call.

2. Write a Love Letter It's a lost art. And it's a keep sake. Sit down and in your own way say "I love you" in bold letters. And then address an envelope and mail it.

3. Apologize I've made two apologies this year (both rebuffed--happy endings aren't sure things but the effort still counts). I owe one more. Throw pride in the waste basket. Life's too short.

4. Say Thanks Mom, thanks for the way you brought me up. jb, thanks for supporting me while I write. Gary, thanks for pulling me out of all those jams. I have a hundred 'thank yous' due. I'm starting today, one by one.

5. Take a walk It's a beautiful world out there. I snub nature at my own peril. How dare I get so immersed in my petty chores and endless responsibilities that I bypass the comfort and beauty of the natural order of things.

6. Remember Let those memories wrap their arms around you. Cry, honor, feel, visualize the people and events that have shaped you. Let your memories breathe.

7. Pull your documents together Wills, bills, insurance policies, IRA's: make it easy just in case your best friend jb is going through your papers and files, stunned and heartbroken, trying to put your affairs in order.

8. Be impeccable with your words This comes from The Four Agreements. Don't lie. Don't hide. Mean what you say. Keep your promises. Don't be sloppy with what you say and how you say it.

9. Touch We human beings need a minimum of 8 hugs a day to be happy and healthy. Make sure you get your quota. And make sure that's also true for the people around you.

10. Count Your Stars I dated a guy who did this all the time: he'd look up and count every star he had going for him. One by one. I learned this habit from him. It's a good one.
11. Tell Jokes Lighten up and remember what it's like to laugh deep. And out loud.

12. Be Conscious Since I'm alive and upright, I owe it to myself to keep my my five senses sharp. Keep your eyes and ears and heart wide open, all the time.

13. Never Cut What Can Be Untied I try to live by this principle. Remember it and you'll avoid alot of problems.


  1. Timely and sage advice my friend! Mister Ryan was looking at me while I was reading this and he is so darn cute! He helps keep things in perspective I bet! Sorry for not getting back sooner I just finished my Holiday card for my Illustration Group and I'm coming up for air. You remind us to not take life for granted and I appreciate that!

  2. Bravo! Good advice and words to live by! :)

  3. Great thirteen! All packaged into one post like a gift :)

  4. All good rules for life.

  5. An excellent 13! I wish i got 8 hugs a day! :)

  6. val, your comments! what a treat!

    melissa, i kind of liked this post...

    anon, thank you.

    cs, yes.

    lavender, thank you too.

    rm, hugs from animals count. you should be able to get your eight a day!

  7. What a fantastic list - might put it on my fridge!

  8. I love number 13-that's a good one to remember.

  9. miladysa, how nice of you to visit. i look forward to reading your wonderful stories. please come again.

    chief, i would be honored for my words to show up on your refrig!

    debra kay, that is one of my favorite sayings. i remember it often.

  10. I remember reading this last year. And I am again struck at how simple these 13 things seem to be and yet it isn't something people do naturally.

    Thanks for reminding me.