Thursday, June 21, 2007

Rhyme Time

First Marloes wrote a post called distraction. Then my closest pal Ces wondered about our mutual distraction due to the sheer joy and voluminous time we spend together. Then in my weekly Big Yellow writing group, I found myself with something to say about distraction.
As long as we are alive, we each get the same amount of minutes each day. So if distraction means consciously living in the moment, savoring those special people and places, and slo-o-o-w-ing down, why not?, you might ask. Why not indeed......

The paint awaits
The sweetest fate
As though I’m eight
And already late

I’m moving slow
And well below.
No grass to mow
And even so

Who would have known
The sunrise tone
From the telephone
Rings not alone

The laundry stack
Wants to attack
But instead sneaks back
in a laughing sack

Who would have guessed
My maybe best
will now confess
that more is less

The colored sky
Does not ask why
So why would I try
To reach so high?

My list is long
I could plug along
With tweezer tongs
That don’t sing songs

But suddenly I stop and rest--
Decide to quickly flunk the test,
Remember why I’m kind of blessed,
And snuggle in my secret nest

It’s distraction, yes, it is, no doubt
It snakes inside and then peeps out
When I forget to pause and pout
It’s because I’m playing all about

Tell me that I’m wasting time
And I’ll be inclined to remind
The kettle to forget to find
the hooting steam that fails to bind

I’m painting words upside down
Twirling, turning each around
Until they fall without a sound
Onto orange sacred ground

I might watch them dance before they spill
Just beyond the window sill
or maybe roll down the widest hill
into space that I won’t fill

It’s Saturday and winds will blow
Around everything I use to know
And should you stop instead of go
Please be glad I told you so

You can sniffle, wince, regret and moan
And cover, conquer, then atone
But when it’s clear you’ve finally grown
I hope you hightail it back to home.

As for me, I’ll still be here
Distracted from this daily care
Strangely brave about old fear,
Skipping sidewards, holding dear.

You can tell me I am wasting time
But don’t forget the time is mine
And if I forget to toe the line,
Well…all I can say is: “Fine!”


  1. Yay!! Thank you :) I loved it on Monday and I love it more now. I'll read it over and over again.

  2. awwwwh, kris, i surely like that you are the first to leave a comment on this one. and i just loved your "story" this week. i'm still thinking about it.


  3. kj, as you know, I am under the strictest of instructions to keep my lips zipped about that one until July 2.

    That is, if I feel like finishing the story that night. Now I feel pressure.

  4. Oh you write so well
    You dwell
    on thoughts that are so swell
    It drives the hell
    away, it does compell
    me to shed my shell
    For shampoo do you use Prell
    and on your hair do you put jell?
    Yours truly, Cel :-))))


  5. Fine indeed.
    Made me smile :-)
    I get distracted a lot.
    A pretty girl passing by.
    Someone asking for my attention.
    A welcome distraction?
    The pretty girl always is.
    And someone asking?
    If it is the pretty girl...
    But then it is nice to be wanted.
    Good words, KJ.
    More than words.

  6. Talk about distraction. I was at the pool today. Two young guys 16 and 18 were seriously talking about the job applications they were completing when at a distant they saw two teenage girls walking down the street. They immediately stopped what they were doing and just looked at the girls until the girls turned around the corner and were gone. Then the guys resumed their activities.

  7. kris, write however and whenever and whatever you want. please!

    anon, thank you. FINE!

    ces, thank you, DIVINE! (i didn't know you were rhyming with anon until you told me)

    ces, a quite fine divine rhyme, my best friend for all time....

    pieterbie, thank you as always. but you should talk to ces more about pretty girls than me because i can't help giving you a lecture to look deeper (sorry, see--i couldn't help myself) :)

  8. Superb!! I love it! Is October here yet? :)

  9. Very fine! Loved it! ~valgalart

  10. Ah, KJ, but then "define" pretty?
    You cannot define pretty.
    It is a concept in the eye and mind of the beholder.
    I see beauty in many things, in many people. I don't consider myself to be sexist, although I may be one. I doesn't keep me awake. Respect is important. The young woman of eastern origin who is cleaning my office this week gives me a very warm smile every day. Why: I take the trouble to thank her for doing a good job. I think she is very pretty. But then the woman who could be her mother who provides me with coffee and water also greets me warmly. Why? Again because I treat her with respect and respect her work. I find her pretty as well.

    My wife often finds that women that I find pretty are in fact not. That is, of course, her interpretation, her truth. I just try to see beauty in everyone. It makes me a happy guy, it makes the world a prettier place and people like me for it.
    It gives my little life added value.

    Another thing. People who take good care of themself, I consider them as pretty as well. I think I should take better care of myself, but then I should start by sleeping more.

    Now that is a good idea, it is nearly 1 am here, I think I'll go to bed.

    Have a great week-end!

  11. ah, pieterbie, i am so glad to know you. you are a unique and thoughtful man. you aim for and hit the truth when you speak.

    thank you for your comments here.

    "it gives my life alittle added value". i like this approach so much. !!!