Thursday, June 14, 2007

A Brief Poem

Oooooh, sometimes I think I'm so clever.....

The Teacher

I’m looking for the universal
Under the butter dish
Because if it can’t hide under there
It doesn’t deserve counter space


  1. Hhehhehhehhehheeee did you write this? VERY CLEVER!

  2. There is something beautiful in your place and in your world. I see it wherever I turn or hear it when I lend an ear to your words, softly echoeing into the stillness after you have uttered gentle words and phrases. I see it when I see a photograph of the magic cottage or your garden or your grandson. You are very clever indeed, becoming the best of friends despite all odds.

  3. anonymous, why thank you very much. (yes, i wrote this.)

    ces, the best of friends despite all odds: that, dear, is the universe choosing me for a unique and treasured blessing, like winning the lottery!

  4. Very funny !
    and i hope you can indeed one day "wow-that's-my-book-in-the-store" :-)

  5. Well, okay - I'm going to fess up here, I'm too dense to really get it (but I'm sure it's very clever). I will remind you, I do hugely enjoy everything else I've ever read of yours!

  6. I only need to ask...what is the universal?

    Being able to play with words is the cleverest thing ever. It shows you made language your own

  7. hildegarde, yes, it made me laugh too but i can't explain why!

    cream, you got it exactly! i have no idea what this poem is about--it just sounded ok!

    marloes, my favorite current word is 'auspicious'.

  8. Hee... I liked that. :)

  9. I think that Fabio left it there when he pulled the old switcheroo.

  10. Wow! I didn't even know we had universals in our kitchens! :)