Saturday, June 02, 2007

25 Years Later........

Happy Birthday to my spunky, talented,
intelligent, fascinating, tender, amazing
dearest friend.


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  2. Sorry for the error comment, am I allowed one mistake today?

    KJ, your friend has the same birthday as mine?

    Did you stay up all night and bake those cakes? Wow!

    I wish I feel like I did twenty five years ago.

  3. What's all this fuss about someone's birthday. All those descriptions about your friend, I thought you were talking about me, but it's not my birthday.

  4. Shuuss!!! Harrummph!!! Birthday, pelletday, poopday. How come no one celebrates the rabbit's birthday?

  5. ces,

    you are allowed 3 mistakes today.

    yes, i baked the cakes all night. i am sending them priority mail.

    your wish is now granted: you feel like you did 25 years ago. now what?

    (happy birthday. when you count your lucky stars, please consider me among them)

    isabella, yes, those descriptions fit you also. except i would have included "extraordinarily fashionable" if i were writing about you...

    snowflake, i'll celebrate if you tell me when. i'm always up for celebrations.

  6. USA
    August 8

    Dear KJ,

    Happy birthday!!!

    Love, Snowflake the Beautiful

  7. snowflake, august 8 is as good a day as any to celebrate. ok. so it will be. except it might really be august 9, and then august 11. i need to have important people (and important rabbits and dogs) with me before i celebrate.

  8. Wow, with heart candles and stars, looks very festive, and a happy birthday to your friend !