Thursday, March 15, 2007

Thursday 13: Stepping into Spring

I'm pretending I don't know a snow storm is expected later today and into tomorrow. That means the warm weather that has changed the color of the ground from total white to increasing patches of brown and green will be a faded memory. HOWEVER: it is March and in New England that means the month proverbally begins like a lion and ends like a lamb. That means it has begun in earnest to be more spring-like than winter-like. And THAT means I am hopefully, happily, and heartily awaiting the first crocus and the first chance to sit in my backyard and putter in my unique-to-me-do-nothing way.

Here are some reasons I love Spring:

1. The first crop to hit the farm stands will be locally grown asparagus. My favorite hole-in-the wall restaurant serves them with homemade dill dressing.

2. OK, I admit photo was taken last summer, but this view from my kitchen window begins to calls my name as soon as i see a snowless ground . I planted these zinnias in May and June last year and we had cut flowers in the house until October. If I were a flower, I might choose to be a zinnia.

3. Hmmm. What do shoes have to do with Spring? Only that I like them more, I am more inclined to buy them, and this particular shoe is the most comfortable you will ever wear. The brand is Rieker and I can tell you they come in orange, green and black. JB, Ces and I all have a pair.

4. Since we're now on the subject of shoes, here is the photo-less jb in her cowgirl boots. I've never owned a pair myself, even though she swears they are awesomely comfortable. I can't get past the effort involved in taking them off.....

5. Unfortunately, your imagination is needed for this group photo of Ces, jb and I modeling our new shoes. I know Ces will tell me how to properly enlarge this shot, but hey, I did the best I could. (And if you're wondering at all why all the shoes, please remember this post is entitled "Stepping into Spring".....

6. One of my favorite pasttimes is to meander along country roads in the Springtime with jb. Since I don't have a photo of us driving, and posting her picture in any form is verboten, here at least is jb's hands, which as you may now know can be found modeling in past editions of Better Homes and Gardens.

7. Shoes again? These belong to two of my good friends. This Spring we'll hit the auction houses and meet at the local farmers' market every week. We'll compare gardenting notes and eat fresh fruit and vegtables together.

8. There could be no better kick - off of Spring than a weekend with this group at the Big Yellow. Last weekend 8 writers and 4 songwriters had quite a time of it. These are the folks who listen, offer loving and helpful feedback, and literally and figuratively help my heart sing.

9. I live in a rural part of my state. There are many colleges and universities, but they are surrounded by farms. I love farms. Not as much as I love the ocean, but I've come to love living here. I did not know that the area is rich in tobacco growing. When I first saw it hanging, like this, I had no idea I was seeing tobacco.

10. Here's my little farm. Well, it's not a farm at all but my half circle garden off the driveway is plenty sufficient for me to plant all the flowers and vegetables I want. In April I will turn the soil, plant lettuce and probably peas, and then add hearty flowers and herbs until Memorial Day, when the danger of frost is safely past and I can pop in tomatoes and green beans and eggplant and maybe green peppers.

11. I love knowing the sky will still be light after dinner. I feel like I've been given an extra half day just because it stays lighter longer.

12. I love knowing I don't have to deal with snow and driving in snow and being slowed down by snow. I really don't like snow all that much. Really. I don't.

13. This Spring I am very aware of the special wonderful people I deeply, totally, permanently love. I could not feel more fortunate in this regard. Since Springtime and love seem to go together in some new-growth precious way, I want to keep reminding myself that nothing, nothing, nothing matters as much as the people I love.


  1. kj, your posts are just beaming with happiness and love these days. your thursday thirteens, combined with the photos make me think that there is such a sense of fullness in your life. it feels good to be "visually visit" your world. it is a beautiful one--in many ways!

  2. Oh, I love your thirteens!! What great shots, too -- what a good-looking bunch of people that is on #8. ;) I, too, am a lover of farms and am so excited to be gathering local produce soon!

  3. i love these pictures and descriptions! what a delight!!! Love the farm especially!

  4. I'm too sleepy right now to make a coherent comment, but suffice to say that this Thursday Thirteen has lifted my attitude for the day. Here we... awaiting a messy late winter storm, and you're showing us clean bright shoes, verdant asparagus (yum) and wonderful gardens. Spring will be with me today, even as the storm clouds charge! See you later:>

  5. I've always said, "it's all in the mind." It can be spring all year round if you like. what a heartwarming thursday 13 kj. a nice end to a hectic week for me.

  6. Fun 13's KJ! Love your ranch :)

  7. What a fun way to 'step' into Spring! With those nifty shoes you're prepared for rain, dirt & everything fresh that Mother Nature can throw your way!
    Your brood looks like quite a happy group! How nice to have everyone together like that!
    Looking out your kitchen window makes me feel right at home! ;)
    Thx for sharing & have a great week-end!

  8. What a colorful post and it is full of love and joy. I can't wait to see photos of your spring blooms. Here in the southeast, the daffodils are blooming - very lovely. I love the farms and the universities that surround your beautiful city.

  9. BTW, I wanted to say how much I love the orange pants that match the orange shoes! The local paper had a picture similar to the one posted here with different shoes. They must have seen our photo!

  10. A miscellany of wonderful thoughts and images. Mmmm asparagus - I'm going to have to wait another 6 months now to eat fresh asparagus again. I have got zinnias growing too - I love them - so bright and friendly.
    LOVE those shoes!

  11. Great T13 : those Rieker shoes seem so comfortable (European brand yes ?), I like the barns and the tabacco, the photo of your writing group, .... , the way you look at life.
    I am so curious to know how the friday-opening was.

  12. "nothing matters as much as the people I love. " - DEFINITELY!

    Spring is my favorite season, too! the weather is nice, the land green and colorful - it's just lovely.

    btw, the shoes do look comfy and the series of she pictures tells of friendship and fun.

    thank you for sharing, KJ! :)

  13. yours truly is currently unable to open the back door or get the car out of the driveway because of mounds and drifts of snow, almost 2 feet high in places.

    this is a fine response to my ode to spring. winter must be ironically stubborn....


  14. jessie, some days are diamonds, some days are stones... (john denver)

    melissa, yes, the folks from big yellow are a very handsome bunch. i can't wait for the local produce.

    val, thanks friend.

    carla, well, you and i went right from spring to winter, didn't we?
    but hope springs eternal.....

    menchie, i love your outlook on things.

    tammy, thanks. my little ranch is only a yard, but it's mine and i love it.

    slb, have a nice weekend yourself.

    ces, nothing could match the photo of our shoes. except maybe the shots of us in our almost-pajamas and winter gear trekking through the snowy park.

    chief, last summer was the first time i had so many zinnias. i fell in love with them.

    hildegarde, "the way i look at life": see my comment above to jessie. the opening was cancelled due to a foot-plus of snow. carla and i will have our opening on 3/31 instead. p.s. i so appreciate your comments

    maria, thanks for noticing so much. and you spelled 'definitely' correctly. ces had to teach me the right spelling.