Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Thursday 13: Holiday Presents

It's holiday time in the USA and elsewhere. I've decided to give one special present to everyone I care about. That present is RHYTHM. I will write about and distribute this gift as Christmas Day approaches, but today I have something to say about my blog-friends. Knowing and caring about "body-less" people is a unique experience for sure, but I'm here to say again that true-blue attachments can come from blogging.

So this season, I want to acknowledge the blog friendships that I've been fortunate to have and thank some people individually. Specifically: Popscholar, Melissa, Kris, Nicole, Ces, Andrea, Cherrypie, Within Without, Liz, Jessie, Ruby, Valgalart, Ms. Val, Menchie, Maria, Leo, Carla, and Rramone. And I want to thank Hildegarde, Sidney and Pieterbie from Ces' blog because their blogs and comments bring me such pleasure. There are a few other people I may have omitted or will add by the time I'm done, but here's my plan:

I'm going to write about a few people each day. I want you to know why I like you so much. So here's the first installment:

Ces Is there a more intelligent, articulate, humorous, kind, observant, controversially unafraid, talented, and always interesting person than Ces? The honesty and laughter that comes out of her blog is my gold standard. When anybody tells me internet/blog relationships aren’t real, I think of my friend Ces.

Cherrypie I am personally grateful that unapologetic sex and other hot topics are part of my daily read. Cherrypie is unabashingly honest, vulnerable, sassy and cool. She is someone I want to hang out with. She is also the real deal and a real doll.

Within Without What can I say?—I love the guy. He misses the point sometimes and he is definitely a guy, but WW is earnest, sweet and above board. When he writes about his kids, and about love, it’s obvious what a good person he is. Anyone would be fortunate to count him as a friend. Someday I hope to have a drink with him.

Andrea—in Vancouver BI lives a professional artist named Andrea who works her craft and crafts her work. I fell in love with her art right away. But over time I have come to realize how much I wish Andrea were my next door neighbor. I think she is a lot like me. We are both struggling optimists.

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  1. Telepathy ? I just wrote on my blog how you influenced my behavior :-)

  2. KJ, oh KJ, how do you send a hug and a kiss over the blogs or how do you express love and gratefulness through these comment box because that is what I want to do. You give me too much credit. The thanks should come from me to you because, as Hildegarde pointed out, you influence me. More than that you inspire me. I smile, my hand and brushes glide with ease when I paint and have you in my mind. I do not want to sound trite but in my mind and heart, you are truly my friend and someday, I will make the passages of Colors and Words come true.

  3. ces, ok, it's obvious you and i are a mutual admiration society. thank you for all these compliments but i don't deserve them. if i inspire you, you inspire me. and yes, we are friends for life. maybe we could go on the david letterman show as examples of infamous co-conspirator bloggers.

    p.s. do you think anyone knows we've actually been friends for years?


  4. What? Guys actually miss the point sometimes? I actually miss a point? When?

    Ummm, I am greatly humbled. Thank you, KJ. I think you know how I feel about you and your heart and soul.

    P.S.: You and Ces are a mutual admiration society...but are you two really long-time friends?

  5. What a wonderful idea!
    And I feel so honored to have made your list. Thank you!
    I cherish your friendship so much...
    this is just wonderful!

  6. This is the nicest thing and a wonderful idea! Yer sweet!!!

  7. Kj, that's absolutely lovely. But where's all this unapologetic sex? I haven't had any in years. That's the whole problem.

    Love you x

  8. I suspect you are incredibly good at what you do, kj. "Struggling optimist" is the perfect distillation of what I've been feeling lately and exactly what I see in you, too! You're a genius! And what you've said about the rest of your admirers is right on target and what I've felt about them -- but you're far more insightful about it.

    We *really* need to plan that bloggers' retreat. We'd all go hoarse from talking and laughing. (And you must answer WW's question -- have you and Ces been friends forever?)

  9. (I guess that makes me a genius, too! :)

  10. That is quite a challenge! Thank you for including me in your list!

  11. just to be part of your blogfriends list is already an honor.

    thank you,