Monday, December 11, 2006

Holiday Presents: Part 3

I'm not appeasing.
I just want to wish you
A terrific season.
I hope life is pleasing
for no special reason...

More thanks to a few special people:

Liz I always love your blog! You write the best dialogue and you find humor in the silliest topics. Then you add photographs. I find myself sometimes chuckling, other times laughing from the floor.

Valgalart What can I say? You are a fantastic artist. Your soft pastels and warm houses never fail to remind me that all is right in the world. Someday I hope to meet you at Angelina's in Paris over a cup of African hot chocolate.

Menchie You and Maria convey such sincerity that you have endeared yourselves to me very quickly. I love how sweet and responsive you are to other bloggers. I love that you are good friends. I love that you live in the Philippines. I love that you love your family.

Maria First, you have to reread what I said to Menchie because with the exception of where you live, all of it applies to you too. I always look forward to your photographs and I delight in seeing the world from your eyes. I love your integrity and enthusiasm.

Carla I usually visit your blog as a secret admirer. Early on I could tell you are a sage and a master teacher. I am in awe of your talent, your love of poetry, and your constructive, always positive comments about the work of other bloggers.

By the way, I will be gallavanting for the next couple of days. It has been a secret fantasy of mine to open my blog and find a dozen or more comments all at once! Root for me on this one if you'd be so kind: it's just a little fantasy by a sweet blog fan. (smile, smile)


  1. KJ, in blogging, a dozen comments of the same kind is called "flodding" and guess where I learned this? From Maria, the techno princess.

    I will not flood your blog but it is of interest that except for Liz who i do not know (yet)I agree with your assessments and appreciation of Maria and Menchie. They are my "Dos Marias", sweet, thoughful, intelligent and very classy, mature YOUNG women.

    I love Valgalart. When I open her blog I always smile and I am flooded with awe because her art is absolutely fabulous.

    and Carla, she always makes me feel special and I grin from ear to ear when she compliments my artwork. You are right. She is a fantastic critic. She also creates beautiful art.

    So now I have to read liz because if you like her, she must be very special.

  2. ces, i figure if i'm away and not able to check my blog frequently, maybe i'll have alot more comments waiting for me to read at one time. is that flodding? and how did you know this about maria?


  3. ...because Maria told me so and she knows how to operate all the buttons of her cell phone and how they all function. On the other hand I don't know how to use all the buttons in my cell phone and whenI mean to make a call, I accidentally take photographs of my feet instead.

  4. I'm your fan, KJ. Here's a comment.

  5. KJ,

    I'm blushing and beaming... thank you, thank you. I honestly don't know what to say.

    You are dear to me, too. I feel that I can talk to you. In fact, just very recently, I needed to make a very big decision and I was tempted to email you just to throw ideas... :)

    Ces - thank you. I like that i'm one of your "dos Marias". You give me too much credit. :)

  6. kj,

    wow, i am speechless. this is such a treasured gift. thank you for everything you said -- i cannot stop smiling!

    and Ces, like maria, i love it that you call us you Dos Marias. you know, my first name is also maria!

    blogging became more than just something to while away the time for me when I met you and kj and caroline and leo and so many others. :D

  7. This is wonderful KJ...

    Your positive energy is almost palpable through the screen.

    Thank you for sharing!

  8. kj, thanks for those kind words. A good sense of humor is something I value highly in other people, and I'm honored that you appreciate mine.

    Have fun gallavanting. :)

  9. kj, thank you so much for your kind words! I feel truly honored that you would think of me in such terms; I visit your blog in much the same way you visit mine...secretly and quietly. I tiptoe in, look through all your treasures, and come away feeling inspired and renewed by your open expressions, beautiful poetry and resonant thoughts. I love that you explore your life and feelings with such elegant language, taking the personal details beyond the "confessional" mode to poetry, even when it's prose! I also love how real your thoughts seem to me... I am not able to be so open on my blog because my "audience" often includes my students and other people in this tiny community with whom I would rather not share the more personal details of my being. It is very meaningful, then, to find voice in reading so many of your words:> You know...relative the the size of Blogland, we are practically neighbors. Perhaps one day we'll have the chance to talk in person:>

    And ces...if you're looking...thank you so much for your words, especially with regard to my art. Coming from an artist like you, that makes me feel very happy!

  10. You're in touch with a lot of interesting and warm-hearted people, blogworld is great !

  11. This is the sweetest compliment and I'm counting on that rendezvous some day!

  12. Such a lovely list of holiday presents!

    Happy holidays KJ :)

  13. Hi kj! I've tagged you! But since i know you will be off a couple of days, don't worry. There's no hurry. Hope you have fun.

  14. KJ, your blog is one of the few blogs on which Ican leave a comment tonight, so I have decided to just say hello and here's a comment for you.