Saturday, December 02, 2006

The Blogworld Road Pet Contest

My name is Stella. I am not going to try to sway Ces the contest judge by saying that I am a miracle in the making. I'm also not going to say that although I am about 7 years old, I had never been free to roam or been a pet in a family until 7 months ago, when I was adopted by kj and jb, who cut up little pieces of chicken for me, give me body massages, and bought me an orthopedic bed for my spondylosis. I'm also not going to say that I have gone from a dog who found a corner to hide in to a playful girl who takes walks, eats cookies, and sniffs the world at large.

I have very few faults. I admit my tail knocks over wine glasses when I walk. And I beg for chicken. And I prefer to be in bed by 9 pm. And I am a messy eater. But other than that, I am a perfect dog. I don't bark or jump, I will greet you at the door with great enthusiasm. And I try very hard to be affectionate.

I don't look back, have no regrets, don't complain, and never say a bad word about anyone. I have beautiful fingernails. I don't mind if you want to snuggle with me. Seven months ago I was in a shelter wondering what would become of me. Today I spend my days wagging my tail.

I have been told to say I think I should win the Pet contest on guts alone.


  1. Stella, you are a beautiful dog. I have read so much of your gentleness. You remind me of our family pet Scottie, when I was a child - very quiet and very gentle, tolerated a lot of indignations like silly clothes the two youngest girls put on her but I suppose she would have protected us when the need arose. Don't wear any silly clothes. You have a beautiful coat.

    I think the best part of all is that you manage to put that KJ under control. I heard she could get very wild.

  2. Stella is one lucky, lucky dog. And I also think that her owners are lucky to have a dog like her.

  3. Stella,
    I love you. You went through so much. I sense the strength and gentleness in you. I wish I could go there and hug you, snuggle with you and perhaps have my wine glass knocked by you.

    love from someone who never owned a pet.

  4. Stella, you are absolutely gorgeous. Can we go out on a date? I'll buy, if you'll allow me.

    But how the heck do you type so well?

    Tell KJ and JB that you knew you had them sucked in even before they adopted you.

    But you'd also better keep up appearances by telling them what great people they are for doing so.

    Just soften it by stating the obvious: Is there anything more heartwarming than a grateful dog and its unconditional love?

  5. I HEART STELLA!! What a beautiful gal she is and I can't wait to snuggle up on her doggie bed with her again! Hugs to you all!

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  7. I have missed visiting your blog. This post makes me cry for my old girl. My younger dog, the perpetual adolescent, was also a neglected dog, but we got him young, at about 18 months, fortunately. He's now 9 and he learned to play with people eventually but never grew out of puppyhood. Stella is a lucky dog (and very handsome) and you're a lucky pair to have her. And now I must visit Ces to find out what the heck this contest is all about...

  8. Aww ... Stella you SO deserve such kindness.

  9. Awww...what a sweet and LUCKY girl she is. I'm glad she found you. ;)

  10. from stella:

    ces: you are right--kj is irrepressible.

    menchie: i try to make having me worth every effort!

    maria: i love you too. some dog would love to join your family.

    within without: i know how to "handle" my human owners. they are very susceptible. unfortunately, i do not date people. i only sniff and approach other dogs. but ww, if i were to date, you would be the one.

    melissa: my bed and i are waiting for you at the next hootenanny.

    andrea: kj wants me to tell you she's missed you and is glad you're back.

    chief biscuit: thank you very much.

    jessie: did you know kj had a huskie named nicki for many years?


  11. Hello kj, I like your dog Stella! She is so cute!Good night!


  12. thank you em. i know stella would like you alot. she would probably kiss you and then give you her paw.

    love kj

  13. Stella:

    OK, girl, I've shed a few tears but I can accept that. All I can say is Ruff, Baby! Ruff!