Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Part 1 and Part 2

Part 1: Today I completed the National Novel Writing Month Contest. 50,000 words and 203 pages! Here's the opening paragraph:

This kind of intensity has happened once before in the last 20 years. Before then, when I was single and searching, and once when I was almost married and mystified, I knew what was happening solely from the hole in my stomach, and sometimes it was even deeper than that. It’s a feeling like no other: a big gapping hole pulsating with forbidden hope, complete with arousal spikes that both excite and shock. It’s being so pre-occupied that you can barely and hardly keep yourself and steady in your present life, and when it really spirals you have to brace yourself—hold on to something, even an arm chair-- to stop the obsessive rereading or retelling or rehearing of the smallest details. It’s exciting beyond words. It’s falling in love.

And here's an ending or two:

1) Somehow I am now linked with someone so different from me that the most entrenched parts of myself have agreed to stretch in every improbable way. I do this for love. I should feel constricted and frustrated, except I have been gently planted on holy and expansive ground. From here on I'll be longing and alone, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

2) James had opened a window and let the fresh air pour in. I left her in his care, a good and kind man devoted to his family. I boarded a plane back home knowing that I would love her, and maybe him, for the rest of my life.

Part 2: 10 Things I Would Never Do

I'm another advocate of "Never say Never". With that in mind, here's my list:

I would never:

1. Betray another person for my own benefit
2. Wear shoes and socks that don't match my clothing
3. Under appreciate the wisdom of the Godess or God in designing procreation (smile)
4. Keep money that didn't belong to me
5. Stop writing
6. Stop reading
7. Stop loving
8. Learn to fly an airplane
9. Become bitter
10. Boycott the Dixie Chicks (double smile)


  1. Oooh - where is the rest of this novel. I want to read, I want to read.

    ...excite and shock

    Oh i think I have to take a very long cold shower or is it hot?

    Oh never mind. I lost all desires after I read the Dixie Chicks!

  2. Ces is right. Will we get a chance to read it? (oh please, please, please????) I am so intrigued by the first part.

    Again, please??????

  3. ces, i can't believe you let # 3 slip by. it was my polite way of addressing all the words you've listed.....


  4. Congrats, congrats!! I can't even write 50,000 words in a year! ;)

  5. Good on never learning to fly an airplane. I hate flying airplanes, myself, and simply don't advise it!

    Am very curious about the novel...

  6. Those words have absolutely nothing to do with procreation.

  7. it's my impression that the creator(s) provided ample motivation to populate and procreate.


  8. Sounds great! I want to

    And your list is brilliant! Enjoyed #10 ... ;)

  9. leo, thank you for your enjoyment of # 10 the dixie chicks. what goes on that a country western group with moderate talent makes a one sentence statement about a questionable president and becomes a vessel for animosity? i guess some people and actions become magnets for something greater than the situation. as for me, "i'm not ready to make nice" either alot of the time, so i like their courage!

    (oh ces, i really can't help myself. i would be willing to promise to drop the subject permanently in exhange for a mild concession on your part....)

  10. I agree KJ...I think they became the target of the animosity because they were stating what the majority of the country was thinking.
    When a crowd comes a calling, pick one and fire!

    (Sorry Ces, I know you disagree...don't swing please)

  11. menchie, i can't let this novel be "public" until i do alot more work on it. i only hope someday it will be available for you to read.
    thank you so much for your kind words.

    leo: way to go, leo!

    ces: what concession? hhmmm. any ideas?

    a and gj: so good to hear from my bw friends. thanks so much. i did it!

  12. CONGRATS KJ!!! You did it! :) I'm impressed.

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