Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Thursday 13: Half and Half

A few weeks ago, , I nixed the idea of writing 13 good things about myself. But here I am again, ever tenacious, this time thinking it will be just fine if I inject some balance by splitting the good and not-so-good right down the middle.

I'll start with the not-so-good in the hope of finishing strong:

1. I have no patience with moody people. This is because if I don't like you anyway, it's an extra irritant to put up with, and if I do like you, I will probably take it personally and think you're upset with me.

2. I can nag. I never start out that way. I try to respect your point of view in general, but I can get to thinking it might help if I restate how I see something, or explain my position in a different way, or ask you incredulous questions about why you think what you think or feel what you feel. I view this as an unfortunate character flaw...

3. I can be messy. I don't hang my clothes up right away, I spread out books and magazines and mail and folders every which way on the couch so I am surrounded by a virtual sea of papers, and I keep my car in a condition my father always affectionately called "Craphouse Deluxe".

4. I an be controlling. This is not the same as nagging. Controlling means that I benevolently try to pull things together or decide on the most desireable income. I'm at my happiest when I'm a non-working supervisor. I'm working hard on knowing the difference between stepping up and stepping back.

5. I can be obsessive (or is it compulsive?). I quit smoking and drinking now at least 15 years ago, I love the thrill and sound of the quarter and dollar slot machines, I prefer things to be orderly although that doesn't happen all that often, and I can get pretty passionate pretty quickly. When I'm not my enlightened zen-like self, I also can perseverate, worry, and overplan.

6. I'm the first one crying when my feelings get hurt, when animals are mistreated, or when true love doesn't work out.

Ok, now to the pretty good:

7. I try very hard to be kind. I don't hesitate to help anayone when I can lend a hand and I work extra hard to keep my ego in check.

8. I'm versatile. I'm a counselor, teacher, business consultant, case manager, project director, and writer. I can cook, landscape, listen, paint, parent, and persuade.

9. What I lack in smarts or thoughtfulness, I try to make up for in caring. If I'm on your side you can count on me for the long haul, and I'll do what I can to rectify a real or perceived wrong.

10. Six years ago I agreed to help a mentally challenged man named Joe after his parents died. It hasn't been a straight road but I've become a "trustee" in his life and I've promised him I will always be there to help him with his fears and finances .

11. I spontaneously make up songs that rhyme and sing them to jb first thing in the morning, last thing at night, and often during car rides. Most of them are about her, and most of them are pretty silly.

12. Give me a cup of coffee and I'm good to go. Early mornings I'm content to sit with my favorite orange mug in my favorite chair and read the paper before the day beckons. Or I stay up late into the night and brew a fresh cup while I read or write or think about life. And I love to drink coffee with a good friend while we talk about philosophy or share girl secrets.

and last: like the wide circle of life, my good points converge with my not-so-good:

13. I'm the first one crying when my feelings get hurt, when animals get mistreated, or when true love doesn't work out.........


  1. 1. Thanks for the warning. I will try to maintain my tolerable, stable side on this blog.
    2. Thanks for the warning, again.
    3. Craphouse Deluxe - may I please borrow this term, I would like to put it in my front door...
    4. Non-working supervisor, aren't they all?
    6. Now if it did not work out, it could not have been true love, could it?

    7-13 Yes a cup of coffee. You are terrific!

    This is very nice kj!

  2. Loved the Italy pictures - I also adore the song you posted also - How cool - Thanks for sharing - Tracy

  3. ces, feel free to permanently take possession of my father's term. i never liked it, though he thought it was a riot.

    re: # 6, i,you and just about everyone could fill a country with stories of true love that could not be for one reason or another. this is why i cry so deeply when i watch the movies "the way we were", "brokeback mountain" and bambi. could it be that you are a woman who has never had your heart broken?!


  4. I love hearing about you kj. You are such an interesting woman! Can't wait to spend some time with you this weekend.

  5. I would never let anybody break my heart - or they will be missing their balls!

  6. nicole, me too!

    ces, oh my......

  7. Craphouse Deluxe!!!!! I love it!!!! It's a deadpan description of every closet in my house.

    I'm trying to come to terms with all the messes around here. Just as long as there's no rotting food, cockroaches, or bodily wastes, or any other health hazards. As long as people are comfortable.

    Now, I do throw a fit toys, shoes, or other junk are left on the floor and I trip over them!

  8. Great job! Not an easy meme but I enjoyed the read ;)

  9. i like this post. i relate to the last one...i can't stand seeing animals mistreated.

  10. KJ,
    Nichole said it - "you are a very interesting woman."

    I don't post much, but I do read your blog all the time with a mug full of coffee. So I guess that's as close I can get to #12, at least for now.

  11. I can relate to many of these. :)

  12. Hmmm...

    You sound like a deeply caring soul of balance and doing what's right, KJ.

    The so-called not-so-good points seem more to be about caring too much or trying too hard rather than not giving a shit, and because of that, those are GOOD things, I think.

    I really liked the convergence of No. 13! This was a pleasure to read about you.