Sunday, October 08, 2006

Strong Arms

I don't say "thank you" enough.

Strong Arms

I will catch you in the freefall
Should life become a grinding haul.
I will help you to your chair
Where you can play some solitaire.

I will stand in front of words and trains
Anytime they cause you pain.
And anything that blocks your step
I will beat back to safety’s depth.

You’ve done all of this for me
With simple generosity.
You complement so much I lack.
I just hope I give it back!


  1. Oh kj, you have a beautiful mind indeed. This is a very heartwarming poem and I can think of so many people in my life who deserve heartfelt words like these, starting with my Mother...

    We go through life occupied and obssessed with our own needs and desires that sometimes it is easy to forget the people who make things possible for us. Then at life's end we tell ourselves we should have done more and we try to cram all the heartfelt appreciation and thanks on the death bed when we could have loved more and thank more everyday little by little. This is a beautiful poem for Sunday.

  2. ces,i know. so let's love more and say thanks more every day. or maybe for the next 10 days and see how it's working out.


  3. Lovely. Perfect for a (Canadian) Thanksgiving.

  4. this warmed my heart a lot. thanks, kj.

  5. I love this, KJ -- the imagery paired with the analogy of strong arms ... wonderful!

  6. This is a beautiful poem - perfect for you to give to your important people as a thank you.

  7. This is exactly how I'd want to pour out those kinds of feelings to selected people in my life, past and present.


  8. What wonderful words! Loved this! Thanks for sharing, kj! c",)

  9. your words give back in more ways than you could possibly know--and to more people than you probably realize.