Friday, September 29, 2006

Thursday 13: Not About Reasons I'm Proud of Myself

I told jb I planned to write a "Thursday 13" on reasons I feel good about myself.

Silence. "Don't you think that's alittle vain?"

Me: "I was thinking it might be inspirational".

jb: "What will you say?"

Me: "I'll write about some nice things I've done.

jb: "If it's not vain, it might be boring"

Me: "I thought I'd give myself credit for a few things that might help someone else."

Silience again. "What other topics are you thinking about?"

Ok. That ended that. I'm leaving it at the following few kj facts: I try. I care. I see. I'm fun.

In hope of a non vain, non boring Thursday 13, here then is a hum'drum update on life in general:

1. I am still recuperating from my back surgery. I can now admit it was a major deal and it's been hard. I'm spending a surprising amount of time on the couch.

2. Friday I see the surgeon and hope he will tell me I can move and bend without being my paranoid hypocondriac self.

3. I can't stand the fact that I won't be planting spring bulbs and fall mums this year. This screws up my ongoing plans for the yard, not to mention the little stone border .

4. Our local friends have been great: offers to walk Stella, dropping by with lunch, even stacking some firewood. I am again aware how difficult it is for me to be vulnerable. I'm really really really trying to be myself in all this, including the vulnerability, but it's not easy.

5. I went to physical therapy yesterday and she said I am doing great. I probably am...

6. Any suggestions for babyboy names?

7. The first time I ever used e-mail, I knew I would love it. I never guessed I would love the blogs. Sometimes I sit in wonder at the range of creativity I experience from them and how genuinely smitten I've become. Since I tend to gallavant, I am certain I will meet certain blogger friends someday, and I would have never guessed that either.

8. I find CherryPie very fascinating. I love her spirit and her wit.

9. If I were to write about reasons I feel good about myself, I would say I made a lasagna for my grieving neighbor the night before my surgery. Her husband Steve died when he shouldn't have.

1o. The book proposal was finished and mailed (yay!) on Monday. Now I wait for my agent's response and hope she and I are both ready for the next steps. If not, I'll make new decisions, but there's no stopping me ..

11. My recuperation has led me back to Book # 1. I redid the outline and table of contents and I'm falling in love with it all over again.

12. I wonder if I should/want to start presenting workshops again. I know they matter, but they take alot out of me. I'm thinking this because the "little workshops on happiness" would propel again me into material for the book.

13. jb and I have a four day weekend ahead. Next week I can drive again and I'm channelling that I will be well more my old self by then.


  1. Enjoy the 4-day weekend. That sounds nice.

    p.s. I wouldn't have thought you were vain. I like hearing about good things. :)

  2. I'd much rather read about you than me but that didn't stop me being delighted and ever so slightly emotional when I saw your No. 8.

    Maybe I'll have to rethink the little Blogthings ' What Venereal Disease Are You?' quiz results I was about to post now for fear of disappointing you when you get back. ;)

    I'm glad you found me, KJ x

  3. I laughed out loud at the title after reading your little conversation with jb (I love her -- very dry wit).

    I had the same experience with email but didn't even know that blogs existed until about 18 months ago. There's no looking back now!

    Make sure you rest!!! (My finger is wagging now.)

    PS I love Cherrypie, too. We should both visit her at the same time and insist she do our ironing.

  4. I am interested in reading about you and your reasons for being proud of yourself. I think I am not the only one who thinks you are a generous and kind person and I don't think you are vain at all!

  5. Hi KJ,

    I think that whether or not it sounded vain would have depended on what you had to say about yourself. You know, like I could say that I like that I work hard at school, and with haard work, am fairly good at it, OR I could say that I am proud of myself for having degrees from institutions X and Y (which give me what a professor of mine once called a "fancy pants education." One sounds vain, the other, maybe less so.

    As someone who has a hard time generating totally private lists of what I like about myself sometimes, I might well have been inspired by what you had to say.

  6. Hmmmm... baby boy names.... I suggest either William or Willie. Both are fabulous.

    And you should write 13 great things about you! :-)

  7. kj, I forgot. About boy names just, don't call him Sue :-)

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  9. KJ -- I would love to read your proud moments! (and what a funny post title -- hee) My first even email was written to Eli in 1995. He was at an Indigo Girls concert and I was over-the-moon with him, already (having only met a week before). I will be sure to plant some bulbs here for your -- it's not something I do normally, so I'll do it for fun and in your honor, my friend! Have a fun four-day weekend, too.

  10. Surgery has a significant impact on our lifes in more ways than just the physical doesn't it? I struggle with the vulnerable part too :]

    I like you answers, not boring at all!

  11. oo, boy names!! Cassidy, August, Nathaniel, Peter, Gabriel ... we never got to use any of our boy picks!