Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

1. I drive a Toyota RAV which I can't manage to keep neat or clean.

2. A few years ago I had the privilege of designing and developing the Provincetown Artisian Cooperative. 15 local craft artisians, and other consignor artists, joined together to create and maintain a successful storefront in Whaler's Wharf in Provincetown.

3. I've learned to love fruit, and I'm working on liking salads and salmon, but it's not a slam-dunk for me.

4. I kayaked last week for the first time and loved it: the same as a really fun amusement park ride.

5. I will never again cook a live lobster: too painful

6. I am a political junkie for unknown reasons

7. I am still thinking about the Dixie Chicks and love their new cd

8. At my father's wake, his neighborhood friend Nick, drunk and sad, stood at his coffin and yelled at him for dying. (No comment from my dad)

9. When my inexperienced mother flew to Florida with us a few years ago, as the plane was flying above the clouds, she exclaimed in honest wonder: "I never knew there were two skies". Almost everyone around us smiled.

10. My son-in-law Mike is a really good guy and I love how he and Jess care for eachother.

11. I've written what I think is a good book on Happiness but I won't go forward with it until I am more confident.

12. I unabashedly love dogs. They just warm my heart every time.

13. I'm learning it is possible to develop real friendships through blogging. I wouldn't have believed that before.


  1. I love the way you write about yourself and we could be friends as I already admire all your qualities! Did somebody say Chocolate in Paris?

  2. #12 and 13: definately!

    Kayaking is damn fun too.

  3. KJ,

    I like the Thursday Thirteen and have seen it quite a few times so my hat (which I never wear) goes off to the person or persons that created the idea. And in this moment, I award it to...YOU.


  4. chocolate in paris. i'm liking that idea, val.

    jessie, glad to hear from you.

    eric, how about trying a thursday 13 of your own?

  5. too!!!! My back seat is littered with empty water bottles and fast food cups.

    Great list, kj. I did my own T13 if you want to check it out.

  6. That is so cool that you were part of P-town Artisan Cooperative. I've always enjoyed the galleries in P-town.

    I used to kayak and loved it.

    Good luck with the confidence so that I can buy your book when it's published! :)

    BTW, I LOVE LOVE LOVE dogs, too! When I see a dog, I love to go up to him/her and pet it. I usually can remember the dog's name before I can remember the dog's owner's name :D

  7. I LOVE your mom's comment!! lol

  8. first time on your site and i already know i'd be visiting again, and again and again...

    may i add you to my list of favorite bloggers?

    i'd be thinking of my own T13... and hope that i'll have the confidence to post it on my blog.

    see you on blogsphere!

  9. a: the thursday 13 is a definate hit. you get all the credit. i loved my mom's comment about two skies too: whenever i think of it i feel so tender toward her.

    everybody: thanks for your comments. i really appreciate (and love) the attention!

  10. KJ -

    thank you for visiting my site and for leaving a comment.

    I took your advise and posted - a not so good T13 list... i'm having 2nd thoughts about it and might take it out at the end of the day. :)


  11. Hello, new blogger friend. Really looking forward to getting to know you better x

  12. Oh KJ, you make me smile with the Dixie Chicks. Did you get their cd? Go do it if you have not done so. I love your mother's comment. Your neighbor screaming at your Dad's funeral, I have seen those, sometimes people are very mad that their loved one died but they take it out on God.

  13. a:(and anyone else) check out ms. val's blog. i think you'll love her post on student essays. she's also, and maybe/hopefully maria, joining the fun of thursday 13.

    and while i'm at it, i encourage everyone to check out ces' artwork if you haven't visited.

    and ces: i got the cd. the first four songs on the dixie chicks cd are really sing-along good. I'll bet you'd like them!

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  15. KJ I got my Thursday 13 up.

  16. We kayaked on our honeymoon up on the northern Vermont border -- as we were drifting and enjoying the sun a loon popped up from underwater about ten feet away. Too cool!

    I hear ya on number 5. :(

    #8 is both funny and sad!

    A grateful "hooray" on #13!

  17. Loved this list. :-) Agree with the friends through blogging thing. Amazing, ain't it? Glad you liked my sky photos. :-)

  18. Kayaking is very soothing. As is snorkeling.

    Sometimes I think I should have been born a fish. Or a mermaid.

  19. Similar to your number nine, my niece declared during her first flight, "I didn't know the sky had an upstairs, too!



  20. I've never been kayaking, but when I was in France I went canoing in the most incredible water I've ever seen.

  21. hi, kj,

    of course i don't mind you visiting my blog - to my mind that's what they're there for. thanks for leaving a great comment.

    and what a great thursday thirteen...i loved the one about your mother's realization of the two skies....i smiled when i read it.

    i'll be back, if that's okay...

  22. kj, I'm just catching up on your blogging. I've missed you and your unique and "authentic" voice (how many times have I used that word now?!)

    September 18 is getting closer and closer, thankfully. Welcome home and I'm so glad you and jb had a good trip!

  23. your mom's comment made me smile. thank you.

  24. I think I've found a kindred spirit! I even have a messy Toyota RAV-4 to match!