Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Thursday 13: Just a Life

1. She keeps her "to do" lists on 8x11 envelopes
2. This has been an incompatible and intriguing summer of Weight Watchers and Diary Queen hot fudge sundaes
3. Once she fell through a manhole cover. The emergency room doctor who treated the cut on her leg called it a ##@@&&** big laceration.
4. Another time she passed out while eating lobster at a little pier in Maine. The emergency room doctor touched her shoulder and told her it was a pleasure to meet her. For some reason she knew he meant it.
5. She makes pesto and freezes it in ice cube trays.
6. She and her family do the best Christmas stockings every year--no drug store fillers for this group.
7. Her picture is included at the request of a feisty and talented blog-friend.
8. Her apartment in Germany was so cold that the toilet often froze.
9. She is capable of seeing flowers rhythmically dancing in the wind
10. Put her in a bookstore and she'll browse for hours. Try a clothing store and she's restless after 5 minutes.
11. Her two best friends are men.
12. Is this the face of a grandmother?
13. Will she paint birdhouses this winter? Will her book be picked up by a
publisher? Will she ever learn to carry a tune? Is she really as wise
as she occasionally feels? Are the Red Sox finished?


  1. Love the picture! You look just as I imagined you.

  2. ...except that I thought your glasses might be red or purple, or perhaps multi-colored...

  3. #10. Sorry, can't relate.

    #12. No

    #13. Yes, Yes, I can't say for sure, Most Definately, and No.

  4. liz, i would have red or purple glasses if i were a better shopper.

    val, i know i've lost my credibility with the shopping admission. it's hard to be fashionable when you don't want to shop, but i try anyway.


  5. Still catching up with blogs and I love this post. I wish you were my next-door neighbour!

  6. So this is the third-person Thursday Thirteen :) Always nice to put a face to the blog...

  7. What a fabulous thirteen!! I love them all -- and the photo thirteen was fantastic, too! I was having trouble with your blog for a while there -- I'm sorry for the comment silence. :( My favorite shot of your house is the hallway one with the stained glass ... and *who* could resist that dog's face?! This thirteen really hit me -- what a lady you are! The one about the toilet made me laugh -- now that's cold, I tell ya. In AK the toilet water couldn't freeze 'cause we had outhouses ... but the poop froze and we had to chop it down like a tree in the outhouse hole!! :)

  8. Have you ever known someone from afar? You become friends. You know a lot about each other but you really do not know each other. Then you see them for the first time and you just scream like two friends who have known each other since they were little, the only thing is, they just met last week. They scream with delight. That face, that smile, that magnificent smile. Absolutely beautiful. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

  9. You have a face I want to be friends with x

  10. Hello!

    # 11. My 2 best-est friends are men, too. One lives in Manila the other one in China; both are Filipinos...

    #12. No you don't!

    I like the picture, have you considered putting it up on your profile?

  11. kj -- you look just like i imagined you! lol. nice pic and list. i'm glad your blog is fixed!

  12. kj, you rock. So who was that feisty person?

  13. gees, my ego has enjoyed these comments quite a bit.

    actually, thank you alot. i'm feeling cute for the rest of the day and maybe tomorrow...


  14. I've been catching up on all I've missed the past week and I *love* Tick Tock ... especially this part:

    The earth offers up
    Every clue, every start.
    When I know how to look
    I arrive at my heart.

    I'm going to print the whole thing out and hang it on the fridge!

    And Jittery Mind was so good for me to read ... I have a lot of fear wrestling that goes on in my mind and in the last year I'm getting better at seeing most aren't fight/flight issues. This line is fantastic: "It’s ok, mind, we are going to try something new, but I promise I will check with you before making a final decision."

    Thank you so much for sharing your writing -- and that lovely smiling face! -- with all of us. :)

  15. hey! it's kj! looking forward to seeing your smiling face in 18 days.

    I'm with you on #10!

  16. Very fun list and your picture makes you look fun to hang with :)

  17. it's nice to put a face to the words! and i can so identify with the weight watchers and dairy queen -- although i typically celebrate a great workout with a butterfinger blizzard!

  18. Yay! it's you!...and it's so much fun to see what you look like. spunky. beautiful. and look at that smile! lovely. (you've made me smile, too) :)

  19. wha a lovely happy face! nice to see you! Love #4 5 sounds yummy! 9 is divine!

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