Friday, August 25, 2006

Thursday 13 in Pictures

  1. Once upon a time a family lived in a 14 room house with 3 floors and one small patio. They were a happy family to the end, when they moved.

2. They lived in this house for 20 years: they and two dogs, two cats, one bird, two hampsters, and one special fish.

3. They moved because it was expensive where they lived, they were ready to simplify, and the house was a two family condo and they decided the privacy and yard of a single family house would be wonderful.

4. So they moved to this house:

5. The only thing wrong with this house was that the youngest of this happy family did not move here too because she fell in love and married a nice man and together they understandably got a place of their own. Fortunately for all, love multiplies instead of divides.

6. The new house is a cozy little place, after a year of painting and unpacking and moving things around and getting settled.

7. From the kitchen window you can see butterflies in the zinnias and birds in the birdbath and an occasional hummingbird.

8. The back hall of this ranch house ended up looking kind of spiritual, which is a good thing for any number of reasons. The back hall has been dubbed "the wing".

9. The view from the back porch overlooks the hollywood hot tub. The backyard used to be open to a major road and constant traffic but a fence changed all that.

10. This is jb's studio, the Magic Cottage.

11. The house sits on land that was a working farm, so the soil is rich and fertile. kj's garden has been awesome thanks to that, a full sun, and blessings from above.

12. The view from above includes very tall pine trees and a number of happy birds flying every which way. The view from the hammock is the best because you can look and sway at the same time. That approach can solve alot of problems and resolve alot of worries.

13. Part A: One day a very sweet dog arrived, after a bit of a tough life. She has an elegant tail and elegant paws.

13. Part B: This very sweet dog has joined a very nice family who likes to gallavant and play.

The End.


  1. KJ,

    This is a marvelous T13 post. I love the neat photographs. What a great story line. All the houses are pretty. I love your yellow walls, your hallway, the studio. You are a wonderful storyteller.

    Thursday 13 is such a great idea. Have you read Menchie's Thursday 13. I was howling.

  2. what a sweet dog! i think you can change the date/time stamp under "post and comment options".

  3. thanks, ces. i'll visit menchie.

    bearette: where do i find "post and comment options"? i'm looking with no success....

  4. when you're writing your post, there's a thin gray bar at the bottom that says Post & Comment options in small print.

  5. I love these! I can't wait to visit this place that looks so wonderful the next time I'm in northampton (which will prob. be January).

  6. what a lovely 13! the house looks just as warm and cozy as i remember.

  7. Thank you for the photos -- they say so much. The big house -- what a beauty. Houses say so much about people and families and may be why I like to paint them. :)

  8. help! blogger has rejected my password for reasons unknown and i am unable to post, comment on your post, etc.

    does anybody know what's up with blogger and google?


  9. What a cozy house and yard! I think your new friend is handsome:)

  10. kj, these photos are incredible and the story that goes along with them make it even better! It seems that you have made you home somewhere magical. I especially love the little studio (yes, I'm jealous! ;)) and the dogs and all the warm colors throughout your home.

    What a wonderful place! Not to mention, it was fun getting to know you in this way. I think a person's environment says a lot about them.


  11. Wow! I loved this post kj the pictures w/words was a delite! The houses are marvelous and your garden divine, but the dog well you can see that this special dog has magical powers!!!

  12. now i can see those pictures! love the way you told your story with pictures... may I copy your style?

  13. I could really enjoy blogging, KJ. If that I was not in an elementary school library in a tiny village on a tiny island up in the far north, I would set up a blogspot of my own right this second. I enjoy the house and mutt pictures and even got to see the house of 14 rooms. Anonymous still? (Sorry about the two entries on the other blog....beginners bad luck.)