Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Bed and the Battlefield

Well, I'm sad, unhappy, disillusioned, disappointed, confused (etc etc) about the current state of the state and the shaky state of the world. How can it take so many centuries to figure out a different way to fight?

So here's my free thinking on the matter, written over a few installments:

Bed and the Battlefield

This I said
Could be my bed
If only my head
Could sleep instead.
But now I fret—
A large regret,
A presidential foolish bet
Several packs of cigarettes
Stored inside a dresser drawer
Guy-swagger in a sad sad war
Where hearts are bent and limbs so sore
I ask for less but hope for more
I wash my face,
Watch the chase,
Then take my place
And pray for grace.

I watch the news
When I should snooze
Stunned and bummed
By cities mummed
And homes in ruin,
What’s this guy doing
To lead like this:
A colossal miss
Of international
Non factional
And coolly rational
Peace among
The tested ones.
What's it take
to stop the guns?
It could be done
And in its place
A different face
With undue haste
a truce with grace,
a resting place.

I’ll go to bed
Tonight instead
And in the dawn
I’ll come along
Barely strong
But courage long
For steps for peace
A war at cease
An honest crease
For those the least.

And for those the more,
An open door
At its core
To change the future


  1. What can I say? I agree and sympathize.

  2. kj,
    We cannot blame a person for the mess in the world. If we do, then we are exempting people from responsibility for choosing to live their lives the way they should and governments to rule. America cannot take resposibility for the entire world. It is saying that people in other countries are irresposnsible, incapable of self governance and cannot survive on their own. People should take matters into their own hands. They should not tolerate terrorisnm within their own land. Each country should have their own martyrs for peace, not American soldiers. Why do I say this? Because I lived in a country ruled by a ruthless dictator who looted the country's econmy, destroyed the judicial system and made a mockery of good government. There were too many assassinations in broad daylight in front of people. Too many tortures, too many young people imprisoned. The economy was faltering and college graduates were working as maids just to get a job. The educated were leaving the country in droves. Finally the people took it upon themselves to march into the presidential palace and kick out the evil dictator. Not a drop of blood was shed this time. That was the first People Power. Citizens should decide what kind of government they want. They can only blame themselves for their own apathy and fear. They cannot appease terrorists and they should not tolerate religious fanatics to dictate their lives. They should stand up to their dictators. They are responsible for their own fate, not a foreign government. This is my opinion.

  3. ces, your story is heart-felt. i agree with you: if these decisions up to citizens and regular folks, i don't think we'd have lines and guns drawn so quickly.

    but i also know it is complicated. i'm not sure why. Leaders do set the tone, steer the direction. i can see it works this way even in my little city government.

    when i wrote this i wasn't thinking of just America.

  4. Nice poem, and glad you had a good trip to Maine! :-)

  5. found you here from ces site...
    enjoyed your post; so happy to read more blogs standing up and saying something.

  6. I love your ability to rhyme, KJ. It may sound trite, but I lovee things that rhyme, and writing in rhyme is NOT a skill I possess.

  7. Yes, evermore... excellent writing. I feel the sadness too...