Thursday, July 20, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

1. I had a parakeet named Chris who died upright on his perch. I couldn't believe it.

2. I'm in physical therapy to take care of my termpermental back and it's almost like going for a massage.

3. I love to stay up late-late and get up early-early.

4. I love this quiet time: sometimes I watch late night tv, sometimes I write, sometimes I read, sometimes I fall asleep on the couch.

5. Besides pizza and bread, I'm pretty fond of Dunkin Donuts boston cream donuts. I haven't had one in about 6 months...

6. My daughter Jessica is funnier than anyone else I know

7. jb taught me the value of good shoes.

8. We just painted our kitchen/den/dining room (small rooms) green/yellow on the top walls and orange on the bottom (with cream trim) and it came out fantastic. We were holding our breath after the first coat

9. I read tarot cards. The first deck I ever had was a James Bond set my mother gave me for Christmas. I don't really tell details about the future but the counselor in me gives a pretty good read.

10. I wish I could volunteer more for the Red Cross but I never seem to be free when they call me.

11. jb and I had a cookout last weekend in our "new" backyard. Our neighbors and friends came and jb, her sister cindy,I, and several friends cooked and prepared a good spread of appetizers, burgers and goodies.

12. I'm following the seasons here in Western Massachusetts: blueberries, cherries,unbelievable corn on the cob, and peaches are currently in.

13. Some day I plan to pull a police car over for speeding on the highway--my version of a citizen's arrest.


  1. Hi kj, I finally got my Thursday 13 up. This is a fun exercise. Thanks.

  2. I hope the physical therapy goes well for you. Back aches can be so painful.

    And DD Boston Creme donuts are my absolute favorite DD donuts!! I love them! I probably have an average of 1.5 a month :-)

    And thanks again for getting me started on Thursday 13 - alot of fun!

  3. #3 me too!

    #9 I love Tarot... I own a vintage (used) deck from 1901

    #13 LOL!!

  4. #1 -- Ack!! I had a parakeet die when I went away to college. She was really attached to me and when I left she put her head under her wing and was never the same. :(

    #9 -- Cool! Can you bring them in October? You'll be in Big Yellow in Oct., right? Please?

    13 -- LOL!!!!

    Well, my friend, I think we're the only BY bloggers who AREN'T at FRFF this weekend. Sigh. We'll just have to be patient and wait for the stories and photos. :)

  5. KJ,

    your comments are appreciated and are getting to me and your Thursday 13 is a pretty rad way of looking at things and the fact that it is catching on with other people, that is pretty cool as well. Keep bloggoing and I will keep reading and ofcourse you can visit my blog, I would be honored as it is my gift to all sentient beings.


  6. I love Boston Cremes too. I also love Bavarian Cremes.

    I knew the Tarot card thing because we talked. I love them too. And I second M's request for bringing them in Oct. I will bring my deck too! Hey, which deck do you have? I have Cosmic Tarot. Oh, and I recently found out that my therapist is into the Tarot too. Her deck is very cool -- it's based on Jungian psych and Greek mythology.

  7. after this T13, i see where Jessica got her sense of humor!

    I laughed (still smiling) at #13... I'd like to see that! LOL!