Monday, June 19, 2006

jb's studio

i'm still experimenting with photos through flickr.

this is jb's provincetown studio. these are the fabrics she gleefully bought in montmartre in paris. they are hanging on her loom. this studio is long gone--it's been replaced by the magic cottage, which is in our backyard and fabulous.

jb is a fiber artist. these days she finds twigs, rusted metal and run-over bottle caps, combines them with anything, and makes collages. when jb does this, she looks like she is 6 years old having the time of her life.


  1. Wow, cool! I'm loving the photos!

  2. thank you, a, i feel like ive graduated from preschool: i can't believe i figured out how to add photos. woo

  3. I love all the colors! I'm sure the finished products are breath-taking!

  4. I love the color and the shimmer of the fabrics - really beautiful. I would love to see some of jb's art. You should post photos of it sometime.

    And I love P-town. I haven't been down in 2 or 3 years, but it's always so much fun.

    And I love, love, love Montmartre. I just love the "vibe" - the people. Everyone is so creative and just so talented. And it's got so much history.

  5. elsa, welcome to my blog. sounds like we have a bit in common. i loved montmartre for all the reasons you mention. it felt like you could just move in, learn french on the fly, create and enjoy.

  6. Very cool!! love the silks:)