Monday, May 22, 2006

Feed a Starving Artist....

Hello anyone and everyone. I've had the good fortune to stumble onto several illustrator blogs, which appear to be part of a larger illustrator support network. The artwork and creativity is soulfully lovely and it makes me appreciate the gifts of the internet more than I ever thought I would.

If I've figured it out correctly, once a week is "Illustrator Friday", when someone chooses a topic and anyone who wants to responds to the topic prompt by designing and shareing his/her own illustration. The results are awesome. Check out any of the following blogs:
il mondo di gaia
christy beckwith

(By the way, I am not sufficiently computer-literate to make it easy for you to find or enter these blogs. So if you need to, go into my entry called "Work for Pay" and click on Michael O'Connell's comments. Once you're into his blog, you'll find many many cool illustrators.

check out the comments on these blogs as well. These are an appreciative and encouraging group of folks.

Perhaps you can see where I'm going with this. Is anyone interested in participating in a weekly writing prompt? This could be a word, topic, subject--anything, that we then write about in whatever form we wish. I'd hope it might be a variation of the big yellow prompts--a reason to write at least weekly and a reason to share.

Illustrator Friday generates dozens of wonderful feedback: priceless food for the soul.

I also wonder if some of these illustrators might like to check out our writing blogs as much as I've enjoyed checking out their creative work.

What'dya think?

:) kj


  1. For all the rain I've had in my life of late, I am as dry as high sand on a deserted island... A writing prompt seems like an interesting idea.

    Keep me posted?



  2. Oh, that sounds like fun, KJ! I might be able to do it each time, but I'd welcome new writing ideas/prompts!!

  3. Hi kj! There is a writing prompt group that just started called Sunday Scribblings that you should check out/participate and maybe get ideas to start another writing group. I see you write some wonderful poetry...check out Poetry Thursday which is open to everyone as well!

  4. This sounds fun. Although, like M, I don't know if I'd be able to do it every week to the day... But I'd definitely try!

  5. I am with M and A on this one. Sounds like a great idea that I might or might not be able to actually do weekly. but that I would like.